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Contraception – Surgical Methods

preventing pregnancy is a concern for most sexually active adults. Most of the methods of contraception available today fall under the control of women, but that does not mean that men should not be interested and knowledgeable about such things. In fact, I think it is in everyone’s best interest that they know what options are available, how they function, and what their failure rate is so they and their partner can make the best decision for themselves.

Tubal Ligation - In tubal ligation, the two fallopian tubes which transport the eggs from the ovaries to the uterus are surgically disconnected. Because the egg can never meet the sperm, pregnancy is impossible. Tubal Ligation - Tubes Tied

Effectiveness – Tubal ligation is considered permanent, because reversal is costly, difficult and not always possible. A 1-2.5% chance of failure exists for the procedure, as the tubes can sometimes try to “heal” themselves. This can happen up to ten years after a tubal ligation.

Issues – Pain, bleeding and nausea may follow surgery. Some women eventually regret their choice, and find they can’t reverse the process. Tubal ligation provides no protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the uterus, usually in a fallopian tube) is more likely to occur in women with tubal ligation. Ectopic pregnancy is a dangerous condition and women showing any signs of pregnancy should contact a physician as soon as possible.

There are two popular surgery options for tubal ligation. One method called a laparoscopy, or “band-aid” surgery, involves operating through a very small incision in the bellybutton. In some cases, it can be performed under local anaesthesia. The other option is called a laparotomy, and is less common. It involves operating through a larger incision in the belly, and can also be performed under local anaesthesia in certain cases. A laparotomy is often used when tubal ligation is requested shortly after delivering a baby.

Vasectomy - A vasectomy is a surgical procedure that blocks a man’s sperm duct, preventing sperm from entering the ejaculate. The male can still ejaculate during sex, but the fluid will not contain any sperm. vasectomy procedure

Effectiveness – A vasectomy is considered permanent, because reversal is difficult and costly. The pregnancy rate following vasectomy is 0-2.2%.

Issues – Swelling may follow the surgery, but the most often reported problem is regret, and unfortunately, surgical reversal doesn’t always work. Also, a vasectomy will not provide protection against sexually transmitted infections.

After an examination to see if a male is a candidate for the procedure, a general practitioner or urologist performs the out-patient procedure under local anesthetic. A male can still have sperm in his ejaculate up to three months after the surgery, so another method of contraception must be used until a check-up is performed. Condoms should still be used to prevent STIs.

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  • For some reluctant fathers, the birth of a child can be a blessing that motivates and invigorates the man in this next wonderful phase of his life. On the other hand, vasectomy reversal is not always the right choice, and if a man truly does not desire this he should not do it.

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