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Her first time with a black man

True Story sent in to us – Names have been changed!

Julie sat nervously looking through her magazine for the hundredth  time while her husband, Tom, said, “Try to relax, babe, theres nothing to worry about, Im sure he is going to turn up, it’s not even 8 o’clock yet!!!” “I know,” she replied with a shiver, “but I’ve been looking forward to this day for such along time I just hope nothing goes wrong to spoil it!!!” “What could possibly go wrong,” Tom asked, “everything’s going to be fine!?!” “What if he hates me,” she replied “I mean what if I don’t turn him on!?!” “You’re crazy,” her husband replied , “he’s gonna just adore you sweety, now just take it easy, all right!?!” After giving her husband a small smile she replied softly, “Okay, baby, I’ll try, but it won’t be easy!!!” Julie began reading one of the articles in her magazine and she slowly got lost in thought, when out of the blue the front doorbell rang, practically making her jump out of her skin ,she quickly said to her husband in a nervous voice, “He’s here, can you answer it!!!”

Tom chuckled under his breath while making his way to the front door, and he had to admit that even he was a little edgy about the whole thing, so after taking a deep breath he pulled open the door and said, “Hi, you must be, Tony, I’m Tom Sale, please come in!!!” Tony James stepped into the foyer of the Sale’s house and after extending his hand said, “It’s nice to meet you to Tom. Nice place you’ve got here!!!” “Thanks,” Tom replied after shaking Tony’s hand and leading him into the living room to meet his wife, “Julie, this is Tony James!!!” “It’s nice to meet you Julie,” the large black man said while flashing his million dollar smile, “and believe me, your pictures don’t do you justice!!!” “Thanks, Tony,” she replied while turning six shades of red, “you’re not so bad yourself, say, how about a drink!?!” “That’s a good idea,” Tom replied quickly, “why don’t I get the drinks while you two get better acquainted!?!” “That’s fine by me,”Tony replied, “how about a bourbon on the rocks!?!” “Okay, one bourbon on the rocks coming up,” Tom replied, “and your usual, babe,” he asked Julie!?! “Uh, yeah,” she replied while giving Tony the once over, that will be just fine!!!”

After Tom went to the kitchen to mix the drinks, Tony and Julie sat down on the couch, and much to Julie’s surprise, Tony gently leaned over and kissed her full on the lips while cupping her large breasts through her skimpy dress!!! All the years she had fantasized about being with a black man were now coming true.  They broke apart just before Tom returned with their drinks, but even as he was accepting his bourbon, Tony had let his left hand slide under Julie’s dress where he fondled the inside of her thigh!!! “So, how’s it going so far,” Tom asked while sitting down across the room and sipping on his drink!?! “We’re gonna get along just fine, aren’t we,” Tony replied smoothly while sipping down his drink and pulling the now panting Julie closer to him, “so if you two don’t mind, I’m just gonna do my thing, okay!?!”

Now completely ignoring Tom, Tony turned his entire attention back to Julie, as he casually kissed her again while letting his hand ride up all the way to her now soaked pussy!!! “My, my, what have we here,” he asked softly while slipping a finger inside of her panties, “you want some of Tony’s black meat don’t you!?!” With her breathing becoming increasingly louder, it was almost impossible for her to reply, but she managed to nod her head, and then much to her shock, he slowly unzipped his pants and pulled out the biggest dick she had ever seen in her entire life!!! “M-my god,” she moaned while staring at the one eyed monster, “it’s so fucking huge, ohhhhhhhhhhh, god, m-may I suck it, please may I!?!” Tom’s eyes were now growing glassy as his pretty wife of thirteen years lowered her head into Tony James lap, and then at the last second opened wide while letting the incredible head slip into her hungry mouth!!! “Oh, man,” he said softly, “I just love having a white bitch sucks my cock, ohhhhhhhhh fuck, you’ve got a hot mouthed little bitch here, she’s a fucking cock hound!!!” Almost too embarrassed to expose his six inch dick in Tony’s presence, Tom was so turned on that he pulled it out of his shorts and began furiously beating his meat while watching his wife suck Tony’s giant black penis!!!

After Tony’s cock had spasmed wildly sending a load of hot cum down Julie’s greedy throat, Tony stood up and pulled her to her feet, and as he pulled of his own clothes, Julie quickly followed suit and stripped off all of her things, leaving her standing there with her pale creamy skin contrasting with his jet black ebony complexion!!! “Come ‘here, baby,” he said sternly while pulling her close for a long deep kiss that seemed to go on forever, “it’s one thing to suck a piece of black meat, but it’s far different to take it in your hot little pussy, do you think you’re woman enough for Tony’s big black cock!?!” With her heart practically pounding through her chest, and her big tits pressed firmly against his powerful chest she stammered, “I-I’ve waited such a long for this, p-please, take me now!!!”

Expecting him to lay her back down on the couch, she was taken completely by surprise when instead, he lifted her easily up in the air, and with little or no effort at all, he gently lowered her drooling slit onto the gigantic head of his now totally erect penis!!! “Okay, you white bitch,” he whispered softly, “you wanna play with the big boys, well now you’re gonna get your chance,” and as her eyes rolled back into her head, he slowly pressed her down onto his huge erection, allowing it to force its way deep inside of her wildly convulsing pussy!!! With her arms draped around his shoulders, she was literally hanging by her pussy on his incredible cock, until after she was bottomed out, she wrapped her legs around his back and luxuriated in the sensation of having her pussy being physically dominated by Tony James black meat!!! While hanging like a coat on a hook from his big pecker, her pussy began to convulse at first slowly, but then like a string of fire crackers going off as orgasm after orgasm shredded her helpless pussy as he drove his meat in and out of her with such brutal ferocity that her whole body finally slipped into sensory over load as she became momentarily incapable of having even one more orgasm!!! Tom’s hand was by now literally flying along the length of his rock hard boner as he watched his sweet wife being taken by the black giant and loving every second of it, and as Tony tossed Julie onto the sofa with her legs splayed wide open and his hot cum running out of her reamed out pussy, Tom’s pecker lurched in his hand as gusher of cum rocketed from his cock head covering his pants and shirt with splatters of his hot cum!!!

Julie’s eyes were now half closed while she relished the sensation of just having been totally fucked by Tony’s monster organ, and it wasn’t until she heard Tom groaning from the other side of the room that she realized the black giant was now in the process of fucking her husband’s mouth just as he had done to her!!! A look of horror crossed Tom’s face as the big black pecker pressed against his mouth, but a not so gentle crack on the side of his head quickly induced him to open wide, and seconds later he was on his knees sucking Tony’s big pecker like it was the last one on earth!!! Julie struggled to her feet and stumbled on very unsteady legs over to her husband, and as she plopped down on the floor beside him with her legs spread wide apart and three fingers buried deep inside her pussy, she said with a sigh, “Suck him off, Tommy, make him shoot it in your mouth!!!” Never in his life had he even contemplated sucking a dick, but there was something about Tony James pecker that seemed to cloud his mind to what was really happening, and as his mouth and tongue caressed the big head, he was caught totally unawares as a flood of hot jism exploded into his unsuspecting mouth, causing him to momentarily choke as his throat was filled with Tony’s hot sperm!!! Julie’s pussy did have one more cum in it after all, and as Tony filled her husband’s virgin mouth with spunk, her pussy spasmed one last time while her fingers flew over her hot buring clit, inducing an orgasm that was truly crushing!!!

The young couple collapsed together on the floor, and with glassy eyes they watched as Tony James dressed to get ready to leave!!! “So,” he asked before heading for the door, “was it all that you had hoped for!?!” With her pussy still burning from it’s brutal fucking, Julie managed to moan softly, “And more, Mr. James, and so much more!!!”


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3 Responses to “Her first time with a black man”

  • mypoligies:

    I want to try a blackman after reading that, it got my pussy juices flowing. Any legible blackman out there? Hehe…………

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    Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast)
  • lovabelwifemarion:

    How could a husband actually sit back and enjoy watching another man f..k his wife? This is utterly disgusting. How could a wife allow herself to do this to her husband. What sort of true relationship do they truely have. Not much obviously.

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    Rating: 2.0/5 (1 vote cast)
  • turning210112:

    Iv’e always wondered about the size of a blackmans cock. Well it must be true after reading julies comments. Blacks are monsters.

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    Rating: 5.0/5 (2 votes cast)

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