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How To Drive a Man Wild

Here are fours things that can get the ball man and woman

Confidence - A good dose of genuine self-esteem can be a big turn on. It might intimidate some men, but for the most part if you feel good about yourself, your body, and your mind, then other people will find you attractive and enticing. Walk with your head held high and smile. It goes a long way. Think your way to sexiness.

You do not need to be an open book, but sharing your thoughts with your partner and being open to them sharing theirs can be a big turn on. Of course, you need to develop trust to be able to open up about some of your fears or fantasies. However, nurturing trust and communication can go hand in hand. Let your partner know what you desire. Don’t  judge. Be open.

Try New Things - Have an open mind and experiment. Add a little spice to your sexual activities. You do not need to be super risky. You can arrange the order you normally do things in. You can do things with lights out if you normally do them with the lights on.

Be Enthusiastic - Some of  the best sexual encounters are those where they are done with gusto. This can be hard for some women because we are negatively judged when we enjoy sex. Unfortunately, this still seems to be truth among younger women. One hopes that younger people would not be so tied to such stereotypes. Still, with the right guy you can let go and go wild without him second guessing you or thinking badly of you after the deed has been done.

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3 Responses to “How To Drive a Man Wild”

  • iprettysexy:

    I spoil my man with a massage all over the body, starting from the scalp, moving down to his toes, slowly coming up the inner thighs to reach his package. From there I like to fondle his balls while stroking and sucking on his penis. This sends him wild.

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  • 01pinkpanther:

    My man gets really horny when he sees my hard nipples poking through my tops when I’m not wearing a bra. He gets a hardon so quickly so I tease him more by pulling them out and smothering them into his face.

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  • onehotchick:

    Short denim shorts drives my man crazy, especially ones that my cheeks hang out of.

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