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How to give oral sex to a woman

When it comes to performing oral sex on a woman, what works for one girl doesn’t necessarily work for another. It can even vary for one woman depending on her mood, her arousal levels, and her physical comfort level. Still there are some basic things that you can have in your repertoire. Test them out and see what works for your partner or if you are a girl ask your partner to try them on you.

Before you do anything make sure your hands are clean and your nails are trimmed. Oral sex is mostly about mouth to genital contact, but hands can be very helpful and pleasurable too.

Feeling fresh and clean is key to a good cunnilingus experience. A woman’s natural and healthy scent tends to be musky. If she has a full bush the scent might be emphasized. Personally, I get off on the natural smell of woman (could be another gal’s, could be my own). I think the smell of sex is a sexy thing. However, if the natural scent doesn’t do it for you, but you want to have oral sex anyway, you can use a dental dam (a square sheet of latex that is used as a safer sex barrier for cunnilingus and oral/anal contact) or some flavored lube if your gal tolerates them well.

I also suggest that you shower together beforehand. Using a gentle soap is recommended. Douching is not. Douching is a leading cause in bacterial vaginosis (which causes an imbalance in the vagina and usually also a strong fishy smell). So, if the scent is very fishy then she may have a bacterial infection. In this case, it is understandable that you would want to refrain from going down on her. Bacterial vaginosis is easily treated, but only by using a prescription medication attained by your doctor.

If the smell is simply a strong, natural scent, one thing you might want to do is to encourage a positive association between her natural scent and your mutual sexual pleasure. This can help you in the long run –especially if you expect your partner to perform oral sex on you. After all, it is only kind to return the favor.

Once you are all set up, don’t just dive down there. Warm up with some kissing and all over body stroking. While some gals might like a good pussy licking right off the bat, in my experience most enjoy a little teasing and seduction. It need not be a romantic one, mind you, but letting things simmer can make the experience all the hotter. Personally, I adore some over the panties stroking before any oral or hand to genital contact. The stimulation is not overwhelming and it lets me get used to my lover’s touch.

Once you and her feel comfortable to get to the oral action, have her lie back in a comfortable position. Prop some pillows on the bed for her to lean on or settle down in a reclining chair. Then she spreads her legs. When it comes to what to do and in what order to do it, there are no rules. This is where there are all the possibilities. So let me just throw out a few suggestions and then you can try them out in different ways and see what works out best for you and your gal.

Focus on the clitoris – To make a lady orgasm you need to give her some clit action (either directly or indirectly). The good thing is that the tongue is aclit clitorus perfect thing to do that with. You can touch the clit tenderly or you can apply more pressure. You can circle the periphery or you massage it in various directions.

A couple of cute ways of stimulating the clitoris that I have heard about (and experienced on both the giving and receiving end) is drawing different shapes with your tongue while applying pressure to the clitoris. Go through the alphabet, make a star, little circles clockwise and counter clockwise or any other shape that you can think of. It is a lot of fun!

To keep things interesting and stimulating don’t forget to give some attention to the labia. The outer and inner lips have wonderful nerve endings and licking them as well as applying slow, pressure to them can be very arousing. It seems that the clitoris is built somewhat like a wishbone and has little legs that spilt off from the main “button” part you see at the top of the vulva. While the legs are covered by flesh they can still be stimulated and are a big part of experiencing sexual pleasure. Another area that often is forgotten is the perineum (the space in between the bottom of the vulva and the anus). There are lots of nerve endings there and it can respond quite well to a good licking or stroking.

One cool thing to do is to use your tongue on her clit while gently stroking or massaging her lips with your fingers. Similarly, you can use your fingers to stimulate the first third of her vagina while licking her clit. An in-out motion at varying speeds can be good, but so can staying in and moving your fingers in a circular way to stimulate the opening. Some gals also enjoy anal play so you can stimulate her ass in this way as well.

Don’t forget that you can also use dildos instead of your fingers while performing oral or she can help you out with that. She can focus on fucking herself with the dildo while you focus on her clit.

Whatever methods you decide to use it is important to keep in mind the pace. In the beginning stages it can be very pleasurable to vary the pace and what you are doing, but once you see and hear that she is moving towards climax it is best to stay the course until she orgasms. If you are not sure when that is, ask her to tell you. Giving feedback is important part of sex. Granted no one likes it when the receiver gets bossy (unless that is your turn on of course), but knowing what is working and what is not can only help you become a better lover.

Now go have some oral fun!

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2 Responses to “How to give oral sex to a woman”

  • PixieW:

    Wow i didnt realize how many diseases there were that you could pick up so easily. I am definitely going to be more conscious of having safe sex. There is no way I would like any of these.

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  • timbotown:

    Slow licks to the outer lips of the labia drives me crazy, and fast gentle flicks over the clit makes my orgasm so intense.

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