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Intruder attacks lady in her bathroom

I turned the water off, then dipped my toe delicately in.

I hummed with satisfaction; it was just right. It was so rare that I had the chance of some time alone to enjoy a long luxurious bath, but having just finished a big project at work and with my husband away on a business trip, I had an evening to myself and I wanted everything to be just perfect. It was; the bath was full with water not too hot, not too cold, heaped high with mounds of glistening foam from the scented bubble bath I hardly ever got a chance to use. Candles were lit, casting a soft flickering glow and transforming the bathroom into a different and exciting setting, and I could just hear the soft music playing from my bedroom. It was the perfect bath.

I smiled to myself, thinking of all the things I could do alone in that perfect bath, untied the cord of my robe and slipped it off my shoulders, left naked in my empty house. I stepped into the bath with my right foot, letting the warm water engulf up it to my calf, and stood there for a moment, pleasuring myself with the anticipation of letting my body slide into the hot embrace.

It was then that the attack came.

I didn’t hear anything, there was no warning. Suddenly, strong arms wrapped around me from behind, one around my waist, one over my mouth, covering the instinctive scream with a leather glove, and I was roughly dragged backwards out of the bath.

I was too shocked even to process what was happening, but some sort of survival instinct kicked in, and I began to struggle, kicking out and bucking my body in an attempt to wriggle out of his grasp. I was only stilled by the harsh, guttural whisper of a strange man in my ear.

“Stop fighting, bitch, or I’ll kill you.”

I screamed, but his leather glove over my mouth turned my shriek into a muffled whimper, and what was the use anyway? Our house stood well apart from our neighbours, and they were on holiday, and I was all alone in the house.

It was the shock of that thought that stunned me into silence. No-one was around to help me. No-one even knew that I was being attacked!

The stranger misinterpreted my silence as the result of his threat. “That’s better, good girl.” He rubbed his gloved thumb across my cheek in a parody of a caress. “So you know there’s no point screaming, right? So I can take my hand off your mouth?”

I nodded, tears forming in my eyes as I fought to breathe.

“Good girl,” he repeated, and lifted his hand from my mouth.

I gulped in air and immediately launched a flood of pleas. “Please, whoever you are – don’t hurt me. We’ve got lots of valuable stuff, you can take whatever you want, just please, please don’t hurt me -”

He yanked painfully on my hair, hard enough that several strands parted company with my scalp, and the pain shocked me into silence. “Just because you’re not screaming doesn’t mean you can talk, bitch. I didn’t come here to listen to you blabber.”

Despite what he’d said, I went on pleading, too scared by his threat to stay quiet. “Really, you can take whatever you want, I don’t -”

He muffled my mouth with his hand again, cutting off my words. “You really don’t learn, do you? You must be one stupid bitch. And as for take whatever I want -” His other hand moved upwards from my waist, cupping my left breast and squeezing it lewdly. “You’d better believe I will.”

I screamed desperately into his gloved hand.

He laughed in my ear, a strange and cruel sound. “”Still not learning, are you? Well, I’ll find a better use for that mouth soon enough.” He kneed me hard in the back. “Move, bitch.”

He pushed me and I stumbled forward. My bare toes and heels scrabbled on the carpet as he pushed me ahead of him out of the bathroom door, still keeping an iron grip on my waist and mouth. He guided me as I struggled helplessly, into the hall and then right through the door into the bedroom I shared with my husband. Even caught in the grip of blind panic, I thought how strange it was that he seemed to know his way around our house. Maybe he was someone we knew, someone we’d invited in unthinking, heedless of the danger – one of my husband’s co-workers, a casual acquaintance, someone who’d delivered something?

Then he threw me down at the foot of the bed. My head cracked hard against the headboard and I knew that no-one I’d ever known could inflict such casual pain on me. This man really was a stranger, come from god knows where, appearing suddenly out of the darkness of all my worst nightmares.

As I reeled, dizzy with pain and blinking back tears, he grabbed a fistful of my hair and dragged me up to a kneeling position, standing over me like the angel of death. Facing him for the first time, I saw that he was wearing a balaclava. With his free hand, he began to unbuckle his belt.

I had always thought I’d be brave if I was attacked with a stranger and threatened with rape, thought I would fight. Instead I begged helplessly, blind with panic, “No, no please, don’t rape me, please, I’ll do anything -”

The sight of his dick springing free from his trousers shocked me into silence. Partly with horror, and partly with something else … It was semi-erect, still delicately flushed with blood, long and thick just how I liked them, and how could I have a thought like that at a time like this?!

He didn’t give me much time to think about it. “You’re right, you will do anything.” He took his dick in his fist. “But it looks like I’m not quite ready right now … what are you going to do about it, bitch?”

His meaning was unmistakable. I shut my mouth tight, shook my head as much as I could without yanking my hair from its roots. “Mmph mmm mmph!”

“Too good to suck my dick, are you? Don’t you know that’s what whores do? They put their hot little mouths on their master’s dick, and get him all hard and ready to fuck them.”

“I’m not a whore!” I burst out, too insulted by what he’d said to think about whether it was wise to argue.

“You’re right, you’re not.” He yanked on my hair, forcing my head back, so my neck was tilted back painfully and I was forced to look up at his face looking down on me. “But you wish you were, don’t you? That’s what you dream about when you’re all alone, isn’t it? Being a worthless whore on the street who’ll suck a stranger’s dick, let him do anything to her …”

I shook my head in silent denial. How could he know about my secret fantasies, the ones I’d never confided to anyone except my husband, the ones that woke me up in the middle of the night yearning to touch myself?

“See, I know what you want.” He rubbed his dick over my cheek. I could feel it growing harder, already wet with pre-come at the tip. “So open wide.”

With that, he hauled so hard on my hair that I cried out with pain. Immediately he rammed his dick into my gaping, open mouth. I screamed again as I was orally violated, but the sound was muffled by the dick in my mouth. Not releasing his grip on my hair, he started to thrust in and out in a smooth even motion as I fought for breath.

“Suck it, bitch,” he panted. “Go on … use your tongue … show me what a little slut you are …”

Blinking back tears, I did what he told me. Wanting only to calm down the violent thrusting into my mouth, I licked frantically and swirled my tongue against him, the way that my husband liked me to. My attacker moaned, but instead of slowing down and letting me take him at my own pace, he thrust harder and faster, leaving me with my choice but to fasten my mouth around him. I sucked as hard as I could, tears of humiliation mingling with the sweat on my face, as he ravaged my mouth, slamming in again and again, harder and further than anyone had gone before. The violence and the power in him terrified me so much that I sucked desperately on him, alternately struggling for breath and struggling to please him, afraid of what he would do to me if I didn’t satisfy him … Maybe I was just a slut after all …

My attacker grunted and came, flooding my mouth with his hot, salty come. I fought not to gag, automatically keeping it in my mouth, and then as he pulled away, bent over to spit it out, not caring about the carpet or anything but getting rid of him as soon as possible.

But he reached down and caught my chin, keeping me from opening my mouth. “Uh-uh. Whores don’t get to spit out their master’s spunk. They swallow it and they say ‘thank you, sir’.”

Weeping with rage and humiliation, I forced myself to gulp down the come inside my mouth – me, who wouldn’t even swallow for my husband! I wanted to retch at the salty taste, but at the same time something inside me tingled at being forced to do something so depraved, so disgusting. I swallowed all of it and then looked up at him, unconsciously waiting for his next order.

He shook my chin gently but with an unmistakable threat. “Say ‘thank you, sir’.”

“Thank you, sir,” I whispered.

He caressed my face in a way that seemed almost gentle. “Good little cocksucker.” Then, so suddenly I couldn’t even begin to fight, he bent down, grabbed my shoulders and lifted me to my feet, throwing me backwards so that I landed on the bed with the breath stolen from my lungs.

Before I could do anything, he was on top of me. I lifted my hands to cover myself, but he grabbed my wrists and forced them away from my body, down on the bed where he could secure them with his knees. I was trapped, helpless and naked underneath him.

“No, no, please,” I sobbed, brokenly. “Please, no more …”

“Oh, we’re not done yet, bitch.” He took my breasts in his hands, lifting and squeezing, rubbing his thumbs across my nipples. The smooth leather felt slippery and soothing against my skin. Then he shifted his weight and ran his right hand down my stomach. “Time to see how much of a slut you really are.”

Forcing his hand between my legs, he pushed his fingers into my pussy. Finding my clit, he rolled it roughly between finger and thumb, making my hips buck instinctively underneath him. “Oh yeah, you like that don’t you?”

“No, no, I don’t!” I shrieked desperately.

“Oh yeah? That why your pussy is so wet and inviting it’s making me hard again?” He moved backwards, grabbed my leg and pulled it roughly to the side. Without any preparation, he rammed his dick, hard again, deep into my pussy.

I screamed as my channel was roughly filled, my hands pushing ineffectually against his arms, his chest as he took hold of each of my thighs and pulled me further on to him, the hard thrust of his dick inside me scattering my thoughts until I could only cry, “Stop … stop …”

“Whores don’t say ‘stop’,” he taunted me, thrusting into me, his cruel voice tight with desire. “They say ‘thank you sir for your big dick inside me, fuck me harder, sir, please …’”

“Please!” I shouted. “Please, please stop!”

“Your pussy doesn’t say stop.” It was true; I could feel myself melting against him, my treacherous juices flooding my pussy, making it wet and inviting and easy for him as he rammed into me. I had never been taken like this, it was everything that my husband’s gentle lovemaking wasn’t, and yet … it was hot, it was getting me so hot!

“No,” I moaned, not sure whether I was talking to him or my own awful responses.

“You’re still not saying the right words, slut.” He began to rub hard on my clitoris, circling it roughly with his thumb, too hard, too rough, too much to take …

“No … no … AAAAAARGH!” I screamed as an orgasm blasted through me, irresistible like a volcano and hot like lava coursing through my veins, my body shuddering and convulsing helplessly.

My attacker didn’t stop, didn’t break his pace, didn’t even slow down, just kept ramming remorselessly into me, and to my horror I felt myself responding, getting even hotter, wanting him more. How could this happen to me?! How could I be enjoying this? And yet I was …

And even those thoughts went scattering as he slid his hands underneath my hips and lifted me up, so that I was impaled on his dick, my legs waving helplessly in the air as he thrust into me. The new angle was even more degrading; he was just using me, using my open, wet pussy, pleasuring himself as I dangled helplessly, shuddering with every thrust. Sex wasn’t supposed to be like this, it was supposed to be something beautiful; this was ugly and brutal, treating me like a toy just there for his pleasure.

But none of my frantic thoughts made a difference to the orgasm building in me again.

“Say you want it,” he gasped above the sounds of our bodies smacking together. “Say you want it … say you want it all in you, bitch …”

“I want it,” I moaned, lost forever in the haze of this brutal fucking. “I want it … Fuck me … Fuck me harder, master, please!”

With a grunt of effort, he braced my hips and buried himself deep inside me, flooding me with his come. I was coming too, the thrill of begging for cock like a whore sending me over the edge, coming apart at the seams as body and mind were annihilated with the rush of unbelievable pleasure.

There was a long silence filled with pants and sighs as we both came down from our amazing orgasms. Then my attacker pushed himself upright and pulled off his ski-mask …

“Was it everything you wanted, babe?” my husband asked.

“Yes. Oh, yes,” I sighed, looking up at the love of my life through hazy eyes heavy-lidded with the aftermath of pleasure. “How was it for you?”

He smiled and brushed my hair away from my face. “I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, this fantasy of yours.”

“I knew you’d like it,” I purred contentedly.

“Maybe we should do it again tomorrow night,” he suggested.

I winced, feeling already how deliciously sore I was from the hard fucking. “I don’t know about that!”

“You may not have a choice,” he teased me.

I groaned. “I’ve created a monster!”

But I didn’t mind at all.

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3 Responses to “Intruder attacks lady in her bathroom”

  • JessicaRay:

    Wow! Iv’e often thought about this fantasy with my boyfriend and found this story to be exactly how I would like it to be. Don’t know about having my head being banged against the bed OUCH!

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  • Trent:

    loved reading this story you have a very wild imagination ;)

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    Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast)
  • kenUSA:

    Great erotic story

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    Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast)

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