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Breast implants – The fors and against

Breast Implants – Stunning Sex or Sleepy Sex?

Why would a woman want to have breast implants? The easiest – and most obvious – answer to this question is that women believe that bigger breasts will make her more attractive to the opposite sex. Consider women who have large breasts, like Pamela Anderson, Dolly Parton and Kendra from the Playboy mansion for example. They are all famous and let’s face it, they are known for their big breasts! In fact, Dolly Parton said “People make jokes about my bosoms, why don’t they look underneath the breasts at the heart? It’s obvious I’ve got big ones and if people want to assume they’re not mine, then let them.


And there we have the nub of the problem – the age old debate between the sexes, “Do you love me for who I am or because I have big breasts?!”

If anyone is thinking of having their breasts enhanced, the first thing to do is to read and look up as much information as possible. Forewarned is forearmed: be well prepared! Consult a doctor who is well known in the field and have a list of questions ready for him. And also consider how this will affect your sex life, or maybe this is the sole reason you are interested in this cosmetic surgery?! If you are a very tactile person and your breasts are very sensitive to being stimulated, you have to think about possible loss of sensation – do you want to risk that?

Find out what you are getting into with a bit of breast implant history. The first recorded breast implants were carried out in 1895. So, for over 100 years, women have wanted to enhance their breasts thinking that bigger breasts will change their life.   Mmmm, one wonders? A Dr Vincenz Czerny in Austria was the first doctor to carry out a basic breast implant procedure by using fatty tissue from his patient’s back to make the breasts “fatter” or “fuller”. From 1895 doctors all over the world started experimenting with substances they could use to make breasts bigger. Some women were injected with paraffin, but that was a disaster as one can imagine. Other substances such as cartilage, rubber and even ivory were used – naturally unsuccessfully ……. rubber …….. Heaven’s that could not have felt very comfortable, and surely it must have been very heavy?! And ivory?  Well, let’s not go down that horny road!

Luckily for the girls desperate to have some sort of captivating cleavage, silicone was discovered as a suitable implant in the 1960s. However, once again, problems surfaced when this silicone turned into crumbs or the breasts became unmovable! The search for the crowning, consummate cleavage continued. Silicone was refined into a gel format and first used in 1962. A tear-drop shaped silicone rubber sack “… was implanted in the breast to give a smooth and aesthetically pleasing appearance” ( After a series of more experimentation procedures, a softer and more humanly-compatible gel was developed in the 1970s. But because of these very attractive qualities, leaking and tearing occurred. Next, a gel made of polyurethane foam was formulated. Finally, (what a woman will go through for vanity!) – the breast implants available today (2011) are silicone or saline. They each have their advantages, but saline has emerged as the most popular with doctors and patients alike. The feel and the structure of the implants continue to be modified so that the occurrence of leaking or tearing continues to be reduced.

Most manufacturers and doctors give a lifetime guarantee for the implants, so that is kind of re-assuring, but also makes one wonder why they offer a guarantee on such an operation? No doctor normally does that. As with any operation, all the routine checks, like what you weigh and how old you are play a role in how quickly you recover. Most patients have quite a bit of swelling and some localized tenderness. With a lifetime guarantee you have nothing to worry about! Or do you?

If you elect to have implants implanted, always remember that they are not natural, and they are certainly not a body part that nature planned for, are they? So, quite simply, your body can reject them. If you are a smoker and can think back to the way you felt when you had your very first puff of a cigarette – nauseous, weak and dizzy – you body can react the same way to breast implants. This is because smoking is not natural, and neither are silicone or saline breast implants. They are classed as “foreign” objects, so quite naturally your body can reject them. Common problems experienced by woman after this operation can include silicone dripping out of the nipple, breasts so hard and painful they being hugged  not an option, strange-shaped breasts and sometimes the implants burst and infect your whole body.

These are really extreme cases, but it is necessary to be aware of what could happen. There are stories of women being so ill they could not clean the house or take care of their families; there are stories of women having such badly aching muscles and joints that they could barely drag themselves to the kitchen to make dinner – and worst of all – there are stories of their doctors ignoring them and not taking their complaints seriously! Read what writer Paul Kienitz has to say “…breast implants are like stage makeup: they look good at a distance. They look better on you from 50 feet than from 10 feet, better from 10 feet than from one foot, better in a photograph or video than in real life, and better with more clothing than they do with less. They’re at their worst when the distance is most intimate.”( Very interesting observation.

Apart from looking good and feeling good and recovering perfectly, what are the sexual benefits or hazards of having your breasts enlarged? The fact that over one million woman have had breast implants tends to make one think that it is safe and sexy to do so. With magazines and movies filled with Twiggy-look a likes and sporting clearly un-natural, out of proportion breasts, it is easy to see what small-breasted women can feel sexually inadequate. With new, noticeable, perky breasts, one can imagine having a raunchy love life. Bear in mind that now you will have lots of men after you, but will they only be interested in one thing?! Women in a secure relationship will know that their partner loves them not for what their breasts look like. Remember that saying “More than a handful is a waste”. Let’s consider some quotes that men have made about their sex life and their partner’s breast implants.

-          “I never realized how much breasts turned me on until I didn’t have them (or much of them) any more. Now I have the “full meal deal”;  And while she would tell you that it was the best thing she has ever done for herself, I will tell you it’s the best thing she’s ever done for us!”

-          “They’re fun to play with,” says Jason, a 31-year-old Houston lawyer who claims he’s more of an ass man because he knows woman have to work for it. “Society has programmed us to be attracted to boobs.”

-          “It depends on how a woman likes her boobs, if she is comfortable with them, then I will most likely like her boobs. Character trumps breast size however.”

So there we have it from the horse’s mouth, as it were – and here’s another that echoes the general opinion this writer has found during her research, “The reason some people have more sex in their lives than others is simple — it’s determined by the size of their breasts!

On the average, women with larger breasts have twice as much sex as a flat chest woman.”What a sweeping statement that is! The article goes on to confidently proclaim that breast size and sexual activity are directly related. The article appeared in the monthly journal, Extrapolations on The Human Animal and was entitled “Sex: Why Some People Have More of it than others” written by Bulgarian researcher Willa R. Lornstonvck.


Let’s recap on what I have found. Despite the possible sexual side effects, – like loss of sensation and visible colloid scarring – more and more women are still having breast implants. There is no doubt that women are influenced by what they see in magazines – thin models with enhanced breasts. And the cherry on top, is that the majority of men love bigger breasts, although they prefer not to come right out and admit it. It is said that breasts are the ultimate turn-on because they are literally “in your face” and it is very enticing to reach out and touch them. But talk to Mary Mc Donough, who was known for playing Erin on The Walton’s TV show from 1871-1981. She was told she would have to do something about her small breasts otherwise her career would suffer – the cheek of it! And for over ten years she suffered from dreadful illnesses, lupus-like symptoms, and continual infection and so on. After what was left of the implants were removed, her breasts were smaller than what she had before the operation. She blames what happened to her on the lack of information available at the time, and the doctors who assured her it was “quite safe”. I wonder what kind of sex life she has had since then.


Moving on, what is the future for breast implants? Well, get ready for what is called “Stem Cell Augmentation”! Implants are now “passé”! At the end of the day, having breast implants is a very personal decision. Yes, it can make you feel more confident about yourself and possibly introduce an exciting new dimension to your sex life, but these two benefits are not guaranteed. If you generally have a poor self image, no amount of plastic surgery is going to fix whatever is wrong on the inside. And isn’t that the most important aspect? Listen to what Jake, a photographer living in London says, For me, boobs are like the gold at the end of the rainbow; a great dream, but the ‘perfect pair’ just doesn’t exist”. And remember, our uniqueness as human beings comes from our perceived imperfections.





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Info on different genitial piercings for women

Female genital piercings

Outer Labia
Description The piercing is placed on one or both sides of the outer labia. Typically rings are worn.
Concerns The outer labia have a large surface area, but due to its thickness can be painful to have pierced. However, the large area of skin can hold larger jewelery than some other areas, as well as multiple piercings.
Recommended Jewelery outer labia gauge captive bead ring ..
Healing Time 8-12 weeks


Description This piercing requires a certain genital anatomy and so it is a less popular piercing. The jewellery is placed over the perineum (at the bottom of the vaginal opening). Most women do not have the extra flap of skin required for this piercing.
Concerns The skin at the perineum is very thin and can be damaged or torn if the jewelery is caught on anything. The piercing may also cause pain during intercourse and it can be pulled into the vaginal canal.
Recommended Jewelery 10 or 12 gauge captive bead ring or curved ball .
Healing Time 8-12 weeks ..

Inner Labia
Description Thinner than the outer labia, the inner labia are a cominner labia of a womanmon area for genital piercings in women. It is a popular piercing due to its aesthetic value, as well as the physical stimulation it can provide. Multiple piercings along the inner labia are very popular as well.
Concerns The inner labia can be stretched so there is less risk of having the jewelery being rejected and migrating out of the skin. It also tolerate for decorative additions such as weights, which the skin can easily withstand.
Recommended Jewelery 14 to 10 gauge captive bead ring..
Healing Time 4-6 weeks

Triangle piercing
Description This piercing requires specific anatomy. The triangle piercing is inserted right below the clitoral hood behind the clitoris itself. This allows for the front of the clitoris to be stimulated as well the back.
Concerns One must have enough skin to actually pull the clitoris and the surrounding area away from the body so that there is enough room for the jewelery to be inserted underneath the clitoral hood. The Triangle piercing requires a very experienced piercer who specializes in this particular piercing. He/she can determine first to determine if you anatomically suited for this piercing.
Recommended Jewelery 12 to 10 gauge circular barbell or captive bead ring ..
Healing Time 8-12 weeks

The Christina piercing
Description This piercing is not very popular. It has a lengthy healing time and a high rejection rate. It is a vertical piercing through the top of the outer labia near the mons.
Concerns Like some other piercings it requires specific anatomy. Everyday movement can cause the piercing to be uncomfortable.
Recommended Jewelery 12 to 10 gauge curved barbell
Note – Captive bead rings are not suggested, especially for the initial piercing, although it can be used once the piercing is healed.
Healing Time 12-16 weeks

Clitoris Piercing
Description This is not a common or advised piercing due to the anhood piercingatomy of most women and the great sensitivity of the clitoris. The clitoris can be pierced either vertically or horizontally with a barbell or captive bead ring. Vertical piercing only should be done on a hooded clitoris, to prevent turning of the jewelery, although piercing a hooded clitoris is really not advisable at all.
Concerns The clitoris is extremely sensitive and this is piercing is not advised for most women. To support the jewelery the clitoris must be exposed and large enough to support the jewelery so that it will neither covered nor constricted by the clitoral hood tissue. Piercing a clitoris that is too small could result in serious nerve damage as a result of improper placement. If you are considering this piercing, have a very skilled and experienced piercer evaluate you first to see if your anatomy is suitable for clitoral piercing.
Recommended Jewellery 16 gauge jewelery
Healing Time 4-6 weeks

Name Horizontal Clitoral Hood Piercing
Description This is a popular piercing known for its attractive appearance. The hood is pierced above the clitoris is a horizontal fashion.
Concerns Unfortunately, it must be placed precisely and your anatomy must be perfectly suitable for this piercing, otherwise it does not provide much stimulation to the clitoris. The piercing must be placed in such a way that when you are standing, the bead rests on the top of the clitoris
Recommended Jewelery 12 or 14 gauge captive bead ring or circular barbell.
Healing Time 6-8 weeks

Vertical Clitoral Hood Piercing
Description The vertical hood piercing is the easiest, least painful, mvertical hood piercingost stimulating, and quickest healing female genital piercing there is. As such it is extremely popular. The jewelery is placed in the hood tissue just above the clitoris. The jewelery rests easily on the clitoris and its placement allows for free movement.
Concerns Most women are anatomically suited for this piercing. However, some women complain that once the body has become accustomed to it, it does not feel as stimulating as it once did. Removing the jewelery for s short time and then reinserting it, changing jewelery, or increasing gauge size can help to regain the stimulating feeling.
Recommended Jewelery 10, 12, or 14 gauge curved barbells or captive bead rings.
Healing Time 4-6 weeks

Hyman -  Fourchette -  Hood Piercings – OUCH!


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