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Our first time at a swingers club (True story)

“Are you sure you’re all right?” Greg asked as we got out of the car.
I didn’t answer right away, concentrating on adjusting my sandals. They had very high heels and I hadn’t worn them in a long time, not since Greg and I got married. He said they made my legs look amazing, but it felt strange since I was used to wearing trainers and flat, comfortable boots. It wasn’t the only different thing we were trying that night!

I straightened up, tugging down my skirt, and smiled at my husband. “I’m fine, babe, stop asking. He took my hand as we walked towards the swingers club. “We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to,” he reminded me. “We’ll leave whenever you want. Right?” “Right.” I squeezed his hand, grateful for his support as I was still wobbling a little on the tarmac in my heels. “And the same goes for you.”  “I mean it,” Greg insisted. “If you get cold feet -” “I’m more worried about getting crippled feet, in these shoes!” I retorted.

We both laughed. But to tell the truth, I was a little nervous.  Greg and I had been married for six years, and our daughter had been born four years ago. With all the experiences and responsibilities that came with being parents, our sex life had taken a back seat, and it wasn’t until about a year ago that we started looking for ways to make things more lively. I knew that Greg had been in open relationships and experimented a lot sexually in the past, and one night I had asked him to tell me more about it.

He was hesitant at first, not wanting to make me insecure or feel inadequate, but slowly he opened up and told me some stories from his life back in Sydney before he moved to Brisbane. I was amazed at some of the things he told me about; watching a virtual stranger with your partner, mutual masturbation with couples fucking in the same room, sex with multiple partners … Amazed, and aroused.
Just the thought of introducing strangers into our sex life, other hands and tongues and dicks and pussies, got me hot. In fact we had some of the best nights together as he told me his stories and they slowly became our fantasies. We’d talked about it in bed and out, and I got more and more comfortable with the idea and excited by it, until finally we agreed to try and see if we could make our dreams a reality.

Greg, with his greater experience, did some research on the internet looking at online dating sites for swingers. As we didn’t know any couples with similar tastes in our area and I was shy about sharing too much information online, we’d decided a club was the best option. Greg’s research had found the name of a venue that hosted bi-monthly swingers’ party nights, and we decided we were ready to try it out.

I’d been planning for weeks what I would wear, but as we approached the swingers club I suddenly felt self-conscious. I was wearing the sexiest dress I possessed – a flowing green silk knee-length number gathered just under the breasts, with a deep plunging neckline. In our bedroom at home, it had seemed both sexy and classy, but now I was worried that I looked frumpy and mumsy, a suburban housewife out of her depth. Or what if it was the other way around, and I was showing too much flesh and looked desperate?

Just as I was starting to panic, Greg suddenly tightened his grip on my hand. “Hey – come over here a minute.” He pulled me away from the club doorway and around the side of the building into a narrow alley, lit by a single streetlight.

“What?” I was worried that he might have changed his mind after all. Despite all my nerves, I knew I’d be disappointed if we just turned around and went home. “I just wanted to tell you …” He looked me up and down, then leaned in, putting his hands on my waist. “I just wanted to tell you how gorgeous you look tonight.”
Relieved, I told him, “You look pretty good yourself, babe.” It was true. He might have a couple more lines at the corners of his eyes than when we met, but that just made his smile look better. I knew I wouldn’t find anybody more attractive to me than my husband inside that club.

“Good,” he smiled. “Because I can’t wait to show off my beautiful wife.” He leaned down and kissed me, and not a gentle brush of the lips either; a hard, passionate kiss with his fingers tangled in my hair that had me arching up against him. Lost in the feeling of his tongue exploring my mouth, I barely noticed his hands trailing down my body, until I felt my dress being pulled up my thigh. “Greg!” I protested, half-giggling at his boldness. “We’re outside!” “Nobody’s going to see,” he cajoled me. Lit by the dim streetlight, I could just see the curve of his lips as he smiled, teasing me. “And if they do, they’ll just be jealous.”
I shivered as his fingers slid up my thigh; if I was honest, the open air and the thrill of maybe being seen just added to the excitement and I knew that when he got where he was going he’d find me already wet.

He caught his breath as his fingers reached the top of my stocking, running round to find the suspenders. “What’s this?” I smiled, still trying to wriggle away (but if I was honest, not very seriously). “I bought them last week. I’m not going to risk ruining the mood by having to take my tights off!” “Very smart.” Greg’s fingers trailed over the thin fabric of my knickers, pressing delicately in to trace the shape of my pussy lips, then slid underneath to stroke along the folds. I couldn’t help myself; I leaned back against the alley wall, pushing my hips against his hand. He kissed me again, stifling my gasp as his thumb circled my clit, teasing my opening with his fingers. His free hand had found my breast, rubbing his palm lightly against the rapidly hardening nipple through my dress. I closed my eyes and moaned softly into his mouth as he worked first one, then two fingers inside me, setting up a quick rhythm while he thumbed my clit. He knew just how to touch me, and the thrill of the dark alley and the warm night air only added to my rising heat. I could hear the sounds of people passing by not far away, but even knowing that anyone could step into the alley and see us couldn’t stop the gathering warmth in my belly. I was going to come …

But Greg abruptly slowed, then stopped the rhythm of his fingers inside me. I couldn’t stifle a wordless sound of protest as he took his hand out of my knickers.  “Sorry, sweets,” he grinned, tugging my dress down so that my thighs were covered again. “Just taking your temperature.” “You could at least finish the job,” I protested, trying to catch my breath.“Later. Promise.” Greg took my hand again and led me out of the alley and towards the club entrance. I followed, wobbling even more on my heels due to the trembling in my knees. On the other hand, I didn’t feel so nervous anymore! I let Greg handle the business with the doorman while I concentrated on calming down my breathing and trying to unobtrusively smooth out my dress. After paying and a quick chat, we were finally on our way inside.

Greg had told me not to expect anything special, but still my first reaction was disappointment; inside, it just looked like an ordinary club. It was a bit emptier than the clubs I used to go to, which would have been heaving on a night like this, but other than that, nothing out of the ordinary. I didn’t know what I’d been expecting exactly – maybe red velvet sofas draped with half-naked hunks gleaming with oil, like something out of a cheesy movie. Greg and I got some drinks at the bar, and circled the room while I tried to check out the crowd unobtrusively. Somehow, I’d thought they’d all be weirdos or gorgeous like models. But there were all sorts of people there; older, younger, thin, fat, some dressed provocatively and some you wouldn’t give a second glance to if you saw them walking down the street. A few people were on the dance floor; others were standing around chatting in twos and threes, or just standing by themselves with a drink, watching what was going on.
We found a place to stand and stood sipping our drinks and talking to each other.  As the place filled up, I noticed that quite a few people were looking at us, with a few smiles and lingering looks sent our way.

“They’re looking at you, babe,” Greg told me, speaking directly into my ear because of the music in a way that sent shivers down my spine. “Me? Why me?” I asked. I’d always thought that Greg was the more attractive one in the relationship; women were always checking him out.  “Because since the alley, you look like you’ve got one thing on your mind!” he told me. What! I hurried to the bathroom to check my appearance. What the mirror showed was unmistakable; Greg was right. My hair was ruffled, tumbling wildly around my face; my cheeks were flushed, my lips swollen and red from Greg’s kisses, and you could clearly see the outline of my hard nipples through my dress. I looked like what I was; a turned-on woman looking for some satisfaction. Looking for a fuck.

As I stood there, looking at this unfamiliar version of myself and wondering if everyone in the club thought I was a total nymphomaniac, one of the cubicles behind me opened and a woman in a tight red dress walked out and came to wash her hands at the sink. I couldn’t help but notice that she had an amazing body, with full breasts, a narrow waist and wide, curving hips.  Our eyes met in the mirror as she dried her hands. Then she straightened up, turned round to me, and looked me up and down. It was one of those slow, deliberate, lip-licking looks that sweeps you from head to toe and makes you aware of every inch of your skin, and I felt my nipples tighten even more under her gaze. Then she looked me boldly in the eye, gave me a playful smile, and turned and walked out of the bathroom.

I don’t know why, but seeing that woman looking at me with such open appreciation gave me the confidence I’d been missing all evening. Some men will ogle anything in a dress, but having another woman look at me like I was a tasty morsel on a plate was something totally new to me. I tossed back my hair and, feeling daring, pulled the neckline of my dress a little lower to show more skin. I could feel the unfamiliar sensation of stockings and suspenders, the high heels that lengthened my legs, and it felt good. I felt good.
When I left the bathroom, I saw across the room that Greg was talking to a strange man I didn’t know. I couldn’t see his face, but he had dark hair and a blue shirt, and Greg was laughing and chatting like he’d known the man for years. I hesitated, not sure whether to interrupt him, when Greg saw me over the man’s shoulder. He smiled at me, then very deliberately lifted his right hand to his face, held it under his nose and took a deep breath. I smiled back at him, knowing he was smelling my pussy on his fingers.  Greg excused himself and came over to me. “Who was that?” I asked him.

He winked. “Just some guy. Want to dance, babe?” I hadn’t danced in a club for years, but tonight was one of those nights, so I let him lead me to the dance floor. One of my favourite songs came on, and without thinking I started moving to the music, swinging my hips and letting my hair toss wildly around my face. I felt young and sexy and free.  The song ended and another one came on, this one with a low, pulsing beat. Greg moved closer to me, letting his body touch mine, resting his hands lightly on my hips to feel them move. I started to tease him like he’d teased me in the alley, wriggling close to him until my breasts brushed against his chest, then slipping away, letting him watch me as I danced. I could see the desire in his eyes, and I could feel the people around us watching. It gave me a thrill deep inside, and I moved closer and closer to Greg.

I was so worked up, I felt like telling him to fuck me, right there and then in front of everyone. But then, to my surprise, I felt another pair of hands on my hips. Someone else was joining our dancing. There was no shock on Greg’s face, so obviously he’d seen whoever it was coming over my shoulder and done nothing to warn them off, but he was looking anxiously at me now, waiting for me to say whether this was OK or not.

I smiled and continued to dance. Adrenaline was coursing through my blood, and I felt daring enough to try anything. The person behind me stepped in closer, pressing up against me, and I could feel unmistakably that it was a man. For a moment, I was sandwiched tightly in between my husband and the stranger, writhing between two lean, hard bodies, and it felt amazing. Then as the music changed Greg pulled gently away, leaving me dancing with the stranger. The stranger’s arm snaked round my waist, pulling me even closer against him, and I let myself stay there as he matched the rhythm of his hips to mine, our bodies moving as one and sliding against each other in a way that was unmistakably sexual. I couldn’t believe I was getting so close to a man that wasn’t my husband, and curious to see who it was, I turned around in his arms so that we were face to face. I found myself looking up at a dark-haired man, not as muscular as Greg but a couple of inches taller, with a tanned, friendly face. He had a blue shirt on, and I realised this must be the man that Greg had been talking to while I was in the bathroom. I wondered what Greg had told him about me. I wondered what his dick looked like.

I don’t know how long we danced for; I was lost in the moment and the rhythm and the strange smell of another man. We were both sweating with our movements and the heat between us, our sweat mingling as I wrapped my arms around his neck and let him sway me, not caring that he could feel my erect nipples rubbing shamelessly against his chest. I could feel him breathing hard, his dick hardening against my stomach in a way that made me ache between my legs. I loved that he wanted me as much as I wanted him. And I loved that my husband was watching.

When Greg tapped me on the shoulder, I broke away from the stranger reluctantly and followed him off the dance floor. The stranger walked behind us, and as we reached the edge of the dance floor, I saw him break away and go to join a woman standing nearby – the woman in the red dress who had looked at me so lasciviously in the bathroom! “That’s Nick, and this is Laura,” Greg told me, again speaking directly into my ear. The couple couldn’t hear our conversation over the music, but they both smiled and Laura gave me a little wave. “They’ve invited us to join them in one of the private rooms.”

“What are they looking for?”
“They’re up for anything, as long as it’s safe,” Greg said, meaning that Nick and Laura, like us, believed in safe sex. “They know it’s our first time. We can do as much or as little as you want.” I hesitated. I loved that Greg had said ‘our’ first time, but I knew he had more experience with this than me. I’d decided that I wanted to explore this, but now it came down to it, was I really ready? Greg squeezed my shoulder. “It’s your call, gorgeous. I’ll do whatever you decide.”

I looked at Nick’s tall, lean body and his friendly smile, Laura’s full lips and generous curves. I remembered how strange and exciting and good it had felt, to dance with another man and have a woman look at me with desire in her eyes.  I smiled up at my husband. “Let’s go. ” We followed Nick and Laura out to the back and up some stairs. They obviously knew their way around, and they led us into a small room with a couple of sofas, worn but clean-looking. Greg shut the door behind us, and then the four of us stood there, in slightly awkward silence.

Laura broke it first, stepping forward and smiling at me. “When I saw you in the bathroom, I knew I had to meet you,” she said, leaning towards me. I tensed, but she just kissed my cheek lightly and pulled back, leaving a lingering scent of her perfume in my nostrils. “Don’t be nervous. We’re all friends here.”
Nick put one hand on the back of Laura’s neck. “So what do you guys want to do?” “We’ll just sit here for now,” Greg said, pulling me down beside him on one of the sofas. Laura winked. “That’s fine. We love being watched.” She turned to Nick and the two of them shared a long, passionate kiss. Then she stepped back, slid the straps of her dress off her shoulders, and unselfconsciously tugged it down. It fell to the floor, and my mouth fell open; not only was she not wearing a bra, she wasn’t wearing any knickers either! Standing there in just high heels, totally unembarrassed, her figure looked even better than it had in her eye-catching dress.

“She’s gorgeous,” I said softly, wanting Greg to know that it was all right to be looking at her and appreciating her.  “Thanks, babe.” Laura turned around, giving us a good view of her big, firm ass, and sauntered unhurriedly over to the other sofa. I noticed she had no tan lines; she must sunbathe naked all the time. I only dared do that in my own backyard, and not very often.  Nick, meanwhile, had been spreading a blanket on the sofa. Laura settled down on top of it and he joined her. They kissed again, then Laura began to unbutton his shirt, bending to nibble and kiss at his neck. Nick meanwhile brought his hands up to her breasts where the nipples were standing out as hard as mine. First of all he rubbed his palms lightly against each of them, just brushing and teasing the little peaks until they stood out even more than before. Then he slowly licked each of his fingers, wetting them one by one in his mouth, letting the anticipation build up before he reached out and started circling each of Laura’s nipples quickly and lightly, just teasing against the edge of the bud. Laura tilted her head back, letting out a long sigh of pleasure. “Ohhhh, baby,” she murmured throatily. “Oh, that feels so good …”As I watched, mesmerised, Greg leaned over to me and murmured, “What do you want, gorgeous?”

The answer came without me even having to think about it. “Play with my tits, Greg. Like Nick is doing to Laura.” “Your wish is my command.” Greg pulled me on to his lap with my back to him, so that both of us were still facing the other sofa, and slid his hands into the front of my dress, pulling the deep neckline as far down as it would go so he could free my breasts. Unlike Laura’s generous mounds, mine just filled his hands and he squeezed them gently, rubbing his thumbs along the delicate underside before he started to toy with my nipples. It was such a turn-on watching Nick and Laura, knowing that Laura was feeling the same pleasure I was feeling; and at the same time it was her differences from me that were fascinating. Unlike my small, pink nipples, hers were large and brown, swollen into tight round balls that looked like delicious berries.

Clearly Nick was having the same thought as me, because he cupped her tits in his hands and lifted them so that he could use his mouth on her nipples, tonguing first one and then the other lightly, then sucking on one deeply while his fingers continued to circle the other. Laura was panting loudly now, her breasts heaving and her stomach quivering as she sighed out a constant stream of encouragements and endearments. “Oh, Nick, that’s so good … that’s it, baby, suck on my tits … Harder … yes … so good … making me so hot … I’m going to need your cock soon, babe … I have to touch it … I need it now!”

True to her word, Laura was fumbling at Nick’s belt, rubbing the bulge of his erection through his trousers. Nick took pity on her and undid his belt, standing up briefly to yank down his trousers. I leaned forward slightly, my already rapid breath increasing. Laura and I both let out a long sigh as Nick’s cock was freed from his pants. Longer and thinner than Greg’s, with a slight curve to the left, it stood up proudly from his dark pubes, bobbing slightly against his tanned stomach. I couldn’t help but wonder what a dick like that would feel like inside me. The thought added to the rising heat that was sending shock waves through my body. I could feel Greg’s hard dick against me, but as much as I wanted to come, I wanted this experience to last as long as possible.

Laura obviously had no such reservations. As soon as Nick had stepped out of his trousers, she pulled him down on the sofa next to her, dropping to her knees in front of him. She wriggled around until she was at an angle where Greg and I on the opposite sofa could see what she was doing, pulled her curtain of dark hair away from her face, and slowly ran her tongue up the shaft of his cock, watching us out of the corner of her eye the whole time. We watched as she licked up and down, caressing the head with her tongue, and then engulfed as much as she could, sucking it into her mouth greedily.  Nick moaned and put his hands on the back of her head, tangling in her hair and guiding her rhythm as she bobbed up and down. I could see her cheeks hollowing as she pulled up, then relaxing as she swirled her tongue on the way down. But clearly one cock wasn’t enough for Laura, because she slowly shifted her position until her naked ass was facing Greg and me, moving her hips in an unmistakable invitation for my husband to come and fuck her.
I heard a stifled moan from Greg in my ear, and smiled, pulling his hands away from my breasts. “Go on.”

He hesitated, torn between the round, gorgeous ass in front of him and making sure I was all right. “You’re sure?” Honestly, I wanted him to fuck Laura as much as he did. I wriggled off his lap and told him, “Sure. Get over there, babe.”
Greg didn’t need to be told twice. As he stood up and unbuckled his belt, I abandoned my attempts to be patient and slipped my fingers inside my knickers. I’d been turned on for so long now that it only took a few strokes against my clit to start me gasping, and as I watched Greg drop to his knees, yank down his pants without bothering to take them off, quickly put a condom on, and thrust deep inside of Laura in one stroke, I had my first orgasm of the night, shuddering and gasping on the sofa.

Laura let out a loud moan as Greg penetrated her, stifled by the cock in her mouth. I knew just how she felt, with my husband’s big, thick cock thrusting into her. Greg winked at me where I sat fingering myself, took hold of Laura’s hips, and began to fuck her in earnest, with slow, deep strokes that got faster and faster. Soon Laura was moaning with every thrust; she dropped her head from Nick’s cock, resting it on the edge of the sofa so that her ass stuck up higher in the air, giving Greg an even better angle to pound her from.
I was so occupied watching my husband fuck a strange woman that I barely noticed Nick getting up from the other sofa and coming to sit next to me. Together, we sat and watched, not speaking. With her mouth free from Nick’s cock, Laura’s moans and cries filled the air, along with the wet smack as Greg buried himself deep inside her again and again. I was still fingering myself, mesmerised by the spectacle before me, when I felt a hand on my knee. I turned and looked into Nick’s eyes.

“Can I touch you?” he asked me directly.
I hesitated, thinking about what I wanted, with my husband on his knees fucking another woman’s pussy and another orgasm slowly building in me. The words came before I even had time to think about them. “No, but you can fuck me.”
Nick stared at me, then smiled. “How do you want me?”
I pointed to the floor. “On your back, down there.”
Without hesitating, Nick obeyed me, lying down where I’d pointed, positioned so that I could ride him and still watch Greg and Laura. Greg usually took the lead sexually in our relationship, so it was a thrilling change to have somebody obeying me for a change. I stood up, reached under my dress and unclipped my suspenders. Then I pulled off my knickers, dropping them on the floor. I was about to pull off my stockings but Greg’s voice stopped me, tight with desire. “Leave them on, babe.”

I looked up; he was watching me, still fucking Laura. I smiled at him and did what he suggested. Pulling up my dress, still wearing my stockings and heels, I straddled Nick. Not bothering to waste any more time with teasing myself, I wrapped one hand around his dick, still slippery from Laura’s mouth, and lowered myself slowly on to his long, hard cock. We both moaned as he filled me, so different from Greg but so good.  I stayed there for a long moment, rocking gently, watching as Greg pounded into Laura. Then I started to move, rising and falling rhythmically on his cock, letting it work inside me.

Nick let out a strangled groan and grasped hold of my hips, but I pushed his hands away; I wanted to control the speed. I made myself go slowly, eyes still fixed on Greg and Laura. Greg’s face was reddening and his pounding was starting to become erratic; I knew he’d come soon and I wanted to see.

Laura came first, letting out a long scream and collapsing forward on to her arms, completely spent. Greg was a few seconds later, thrusting into her pussy one last time and then throwing back his head as he had his own orgasm. He stayed there for a second, then bent forward, bracing himself on Laura’s back and turning his head to me. I love you, he mouthed silently to me. It sent me over the edge and I started riding Nick wildly, as fast and hard as I could, milking every inch of sensation from his dick because I knew I would come very soon. I leaned forward so that my clit could grind against his pelvis and worked my hips frantically, my eyes locked on Greg’s. Nick was writhing and moaning underneath me, and Greg pulled out of Laura and shuffled on his hands and knees over to us. He bent over and kissed me, and I screamed into his mouth as I came.

It was a mind blowing orgasm that lasted for what felt like hours, and it left me spent, shaking and gasping, my face inches from Greg’s. He had an awed expression on his face, as if he’d seen me in a whole new light. I reached for him as I lifted myself off Nick, and he wrapped his arms around me and held me tight.
We stayed like that, shaking and sweating through the aftermaths of our amazing orgasms. When we finally broke apart, Nick and Laura had left.

“They didn’t even say goodbye,” Greg said with mock disappointment as he reached for his clothes.
“But they did leave us their card.” I pointed at the white rectangle stuck in the doorframe, where we couldn’t miss it.
“Oh yeah. I guess that means they want to meet up again.” Greg pulled the card out of the doorframe and turned it over in his fingers, looking at me with hope in his eyes. “What do you think?”
I grinned and tugged the card out of his hand, tucking it into my dress. “Definitely!”

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  • YogiandDeb:

    This is one hell of a story!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Made me a little horny just reading it ;)

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  • SasyJulie:

    Now thats what I call an erotic story, Loved reading it very much.

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  • KevD:

    Dam! Do you guys want to meet for some fun? Im 23yo and live in Brisbane.

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