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Penis size – Does size really matter?

A recent study suggests that many men are mistaken in considering their penises as too small. The study published by the Journal Urology, found that all 92 patients who complained of underdeveloped penises actually had normal-sized members. Several even had longer-than-average sized penises.

In terms of why they thought this way, 54 percent attributed their angst to childhood, when they began comparing their genitals to those of their friends. 41 per cent said their concern began in their teens when they began viewing porn movies and magazines.

“They don’t feel equal to other men. That’s a problem,” said Rany Shamloul, the study’s author. Keith Jarvi, a urologist at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, said he has seen many similar patients. “Men really don’t have a handle on what is normal in their own anatomy,” he said. “In North America . . . men have a much better handle on how long fingers are than they have on how long their penises are.”

According to Dr. Shamloul, a minority of men who underestimate their penis size are subject to depression, anxiety, and social withdrawal, said Dr. Shamloul, who is studying at the University of Saskatchewan.

The 92 patients examined as part of this study were aged 19 to 52 complained of having short penises either wile flaccid or erect. Almost all the participants overestimated the normal length of a flaccid penis with answers ranging from 11 to 17 centimetres (4.3 to 6.7 inches) when a soft penis is considered normal if it is 4 or more centimetres long (1.6 inches). None of the 92 men had penises shorter than the norm.

While anything less than normal is considered short, the average penis is longer. U.S. studies have found the American average is 7.5 to 9 centimetres flaccid (2.9 to 3.5 inches) and 14 to 16 centimetres erect (5.5 to 6.3 inches).

After the study the men were instructed in the “relation of penile size to sexual power and satisfaction.” They were told the key factor in satisfying one’s partner during intercourse is not penis size but the ability to sustain an erection. The study recommends that men who underestimate their penis size receive sex education to put an end to their misconceptions and lessen their interest in as of yet unverified lengthening procedures.

It is interesting how what we see as normal in our childhood and teens can affect our sense of self and our body image as adults. We often think of how this occurs with girls and women and do not think of how it can happen with boys and men. But it does. This is unfortunate.

I can see how the emphasis on larger than average penises in porn can affect our idea of normal penis size, just as very thin fashion models can affect our idea what is a normal, healthy weight for women. Some sort of media training is needed. It is happening in the world of beauty and fashion and I think it needs to be done when it comes to sex and porn.

Size doesn’t matter -> its the way you use it!

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Penis size - Does size really matter?, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

8 Responses to “Penis size – Does size really matter?”

  • yournamepls:

    Penis size doesn’t matter as long it is used well thats all that counts.

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  • exoticaMary:

    I love a big thick cock. Length is not so important to me as long it is thick

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  • shygirl:

    My husband has a relatively small penis around 10cm but does he know how to drive me crazy. His hands. his tongue, his fingers, and his dirty talk. So to me size does not matter at all. Bring it on baby!

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  • nucdave:

    I am a blackman with a huge cock, I know with my experiences size can be a hinderance. When girls see mine they make excuses why they cant sleep with me, it scares them away. I wish I had a small cock…….sad dave

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  • snoopy:

    I love long penises, I love the way it pushes right up against my cervix. Makes me squirt my juices.

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  • squirtygirl:

    I am biased to a huge rod, to me the bigger the better.

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  • abigailg:

    Of course size matters. Because I know a 14cm penis is the perfect size, before I start dating a man I always ask for his size to avoid any embarrassing moments.

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  • AAAmazing:

    I’m gay and size doen’t matter to me so much, whether large or small there are many toys out there that can enhance my sex life.

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