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A birthday gift she had always wanted – a 3some with another man

My lover, Dan and I had been together two years and his birthday was coming up. I wanted to do something special, something he did not expect from me. I spent some time thinking about it and finally it struck me what I would do. I made all the arrangements and then waited. His birthday arrived and as I kissed him goodbye in the morning, I wished him a happy birthday. As I waved goodbye to him I yelled, “Please be home on time, we´ve got some celebrating to do.” He just smiled at me and I knew that he was thinking he was going to get his birthday fuck, but I knew he had no idea what I had planned for him.

I spent the day making the final arrangements, buying his favorite wine and preparing his favorite meal. And then I waited. He came home on time, not even a minute late. I greeted him wearing a black corset, black stockings and the highest heels I owned. I gave him a kiss running my hands down his back and giving his ass a smack. I whispered to him “I can not wait to fuck you.” He kissed me hungrily, but I pulled away. I took his hand and led him to the dinner table. I wanted to skip the meal and I knew he wanted to also, but we both we determined to outlast the other. To see who would break down first. We enjoyed ourselves, carefully avoiding talk of sex. But I was sure to remind him by adjusting my corset causing my tits to peak higher over the top and leaning into him as I served him, my tits just inches away from his lips. He knew that I was doing on purpose and he responded by acting as if he never even noticed, but I knew when he licked his lips subconsciously that he had.

Dinner was finally over and I could not hold back any longer. I stood up from the table, walked across the room and stood in front of out bedroom door, then beckoned him to me. He rose slowly from the table acting as if he did not care one way or the other. I smiled at him, at his resolve. He came to me and kissed me again, wrapping his arms around me, pulling me tightly to him. I loved the way his hands felt on me, the way they softly but firmly touched me. I laid on the bed, then told him to strip for me and make a real show of it. I was enjoying it already and he had not done a thing. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt, then removed it. I looked at him wanting to run my fingers through the hair on his chest, but just lay there comfortably enjoying the show. He removed his shoes and socks, then unbuttoned his pants. Slipping down the zipper as I stared intently at his crotch. I could hardly wait to see his hard cock pop out but just as he began to lower his pants; he turned his back to me. Slowly lowering his pants I saw that he was not wearing underwear. I loved that, all that nakedness so close.

His round firm ass was only a few feet from me, but he knew what I really wanted and he tried to keep it from me as long as possible. His pants dropped to the floor and stepped out of them. He looked over his shoulder at me-a move he learned from me when I stripped for him, and winked at me. He was driving me crazy and he knew it. He finally turned around and his cock was as hard as I hoped it would be. He came to me, lying down beside me, just looking at me as his hands wandered up and down my body. I pulled him to me and kissed him hard and long, my tongue exploring his mouth gently. He lowered the straps on my corset exposing me to him. My nipples were already hard and he quickly took one into his mouth and sucked on it, flicking his tongue across it. I started to moan as the pleasure became more intense, putting my hands on his head and pulling him closer to me, forcing his mouth to take more of my tit into it. He sucked harder making my pussy wetter than she already was.

I waited until he lifted his head and then I asked “Are you ready for your birthday fuck?” He nodded and smiled at me.

I looked up from him and said, “Okay he is ready.”

He saw that I was looking at someone else and he turned to see who it was. It was his friend Kevin. And Kevin had a video camera in his hands. I turned to Dan and the look on his face was priceless. I whispered to him, “do you like this?” He said nothing just kissed me.

I turned to Kevin once more and told him “Now remember I want you to get in real close, so we can really see everything. I want this to be real good.”

“Oh this is going to be the best homemade porno ever made.” Kevin said without hesitation.

I turned my attention back to Dan and ran my nails down his chest, heading straight for his even harder cock. I couldn’t wait to get my mouth on it. I kissed his chest then his stomach and then his cock. Just a gentle I am here kiss. He sat up a little and moved my hair from his view. He wanted to see all of it. Slowly I started to lick at his cock, licking up and down, making him wet and slippery. Kevin moved in close the camera just a few inches from my face. The thought of him filming me sucking on Dan’s cock made my pussy wet and made me want to suck him even more. I let the head slip into my mouth, sucking it gently at first, but as Dan moaned I began to suck him harder. Kevin had the camera right next to my head, filming as Dan’s cock started to slide into my mouth. I looked up and saw that Dan was watching me, excited even more knowing that we were being filmed. I took more of his cock into my mouth, sucking it, nibbling at it, licking it. I lowered my head and licked at his balls, then taking them into my mouth sucking on them. I wet my finger and slipped into his ass, fucking him as I sucked on his balls.

By this time my pussy was aching for some attention and I stopped long enough to take my panties off. I straddled Dan and put my pussy right into his face. I wanted to feel his mouth on me and his tongue in me. He grabbed my ass and pulled me to him, opening my pussy for him and began to lick at me. I lowered my head and took his cock again. Kevin moved to the head of the bed and began to film Dan eating my pussy. I leaned back grinding my pussy into Dan’s face, forcing his tongue in deeper. Dan tongue fucking me and me knowing that my pussy was being filmed made me cum quick. I began to cum in Dan’s mouth and he licked faster trying to get all my cum. I felt his cock thicken more and I looked at Kevin. He came over just in time to film me lifting my head, opening my mouth and letting Dan’s cum shoot into my mouth. He came all over my mouth, chin and face. I licked at his cum shooting from his cock, trying to get it all. I wiped some of the cum off my face and licked it from my fingers as Dan and Kevin watched.

Dan suddenly suggested that he direct some of the filming. He told me to lean against the headboard and open my legs widely.

“I want you to get a close up of her pussy for me.”

“Now hold yourself wide open.” I did as he asked and Kevin got the camera up close.

“Get a close up of her wet cunt, hold yourself open more, spread your legs.”

I opened my legs wider, almost flat against the bed, but it was not enough for Dan. He reached down and spread my pussy wider, opening me up completely.

“Now film it.”

Having the camera so close to my pussy was making me wetter and hotter. I reached over and pulled the camera closer.

“Film me fucking her with my fingers.”

He slipped three fingers into and began to fuck me slowly. I started to moan but he stopped.

“New position.”

“Get on all fours baby.” I once again did as he asked.

“Zoom in on her pussy and ass, get the camera as close as you can.”

Dan kneeled in front of me and then reached back and spread my ass open.

“Film it. Film her wide open ass for me.”

“Now stand back a little and get her pussy and ass in the shot.”

I had done this for Dan thinking it would excite him so much, but it was turning out to excite me as much if not more. I was so turned on by all of it and I wanted more. I wanted them to film my ass and pussy for days on end. I wanted them to film me getting fucked in every way possible. I wanted to scream, I wanted to be fucked so bad.

“Film me licking her ass.”

Dan got behind me and rubbed his fingers around my ass, poking at me, teasing me. He leaned down and ran his tongue across me. The feeling of his tongue and knowing that camera was just inches away, almost made me cum. He let his tongue slip into me, poking at me, fucking me with his tongue. I leaned back against him, wanting it in deeper. He slid his fingers into my pussy and began to fuck me again. His tongue in my ass and his fingers in my pussy made me cum almost immediately.

As soon as I recovered, I told him to straddle me and put his ass in my face. I looked at Kevin and told him to film me now. Without waiting I reached up spread Dan’s ass open for me and stuck my tongue right in. Dan moaned loudly, then bucked back against me, forcing my tongue in deeper. I wiggled my tongue inside him, sticking my tongue in and out of him, all the while the camera right there. I already knew we would be watching this many times. The best fuck film ever made and it was us doing it all.

I reached up and grabbed at Dan’s cock. It was hard and I wanted it in my mouth. I thought to myself how much I would like to be able to lick his ass and suck his cock at the same time. Maybe even suck his balls too. But I only had one mouth dammit. I slid my hand up and down his cock, then licked at his balls, taking them into my mouth and sucking on them again. But I wanted more of his ass so I stuck my tongue right back into him again, fucking him harder and deeper.

Dan was close to cumming, so I told Kevin, “Make sure you get him shooting his cum all over me.”

Me saying that sent Dan over the edge. He began to cum, pumping cum all over my tits and stomach. After cumming, Dan turned around and lay down next to me. I was covered in Dan’s cum and I started to wipe some of it off me, licking it from my fingers, making sure Kevin was filming it. And he was, had the camera right in my face.

I looked at them both knowing I wanted a lot more. Kevin’s pants were bulging and I knew he had one hell of a hard on and would like to fuck me himself.

I told him “Put the camera on the tripod and get undressed.”

Just saying that made Dan hard again, his cock rising quickly as I watched. I straddled Dan and impaled myself on his cock. By this time Kevin was undressed and standing next to the bed. I looked at him and said “Fuck my ass.” Kevin was on the bed and behind me in a split second. He grabbed my waist and I leaned forward a bit, lifting my ass for him. Dan’s cock was already inside me and I wriggled around on him, driving him into me. I felt Kevin’s cock against my ass and then he just shoved it in. I loved the way two cocks felt inside me. Stretching me, opening me, filling me up. Both Dan and Kevin had pretty big cocks and they filled me up as much as I could be. I rocked back against Kevin, working his cock into my ass. Dan reached over and spread my ass wider and Kevin pushed in deeper. I started to bounce up and down Dan’s cock, fucking him hard, then slam back against Kevin, fucking him right back. I grabbed the headboard and pushed myself down and then back, then grinding my pussy against Dan. I was close and so were they.

“I want my pussy and ass filled with cum.”

It didn’t take long before first Dan came and then Kevin, and finally me filling me up with their cum. So much of it I could not hold it all in me. Kevin’s cum dripped from my ass and mixed with Dan’s cum in my pussy. I collapsed on top of Dan and Kevin just lay on top of me. I lay there, finally satisfied. After a few minutes Dan finally spoke,

“Fuck I wish we had another woman here, I would love to film you eating pussy.”

I smiled at Dan, such a dirty mind. I had not thought of that, but there’s always next time.

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Just found out My boyfriend is bi sexual

I was sitting on the edge of my bed, legs spread wide. He had his face deep in the confines of my pussy. He rubbed his fingers on my clit. “Yes, Zach, yes.” I went in screaming orgasm. It felt so good. “Do want more, babe?”

“I think that’s up to you, sugar.” He licked my stomach.

“I think I’m done now.” I walked to the bathroom. I was rinsing off when he got in. He rapped his arms around my waist and kissed my shoulder. I moved my hair away so he could kiss my neck. I turned around and he kissed me on the lips. He kissed me harder. I pushed him away. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” He tried to kiss my again so I pushed him again.

“Are you cheating on me.”


“Your lying.”

“Fine, I am I am checking on you.”

“Why didn’t you tell me.”

“I though you wouldn’t understand.”

“What’s her name?”

“It’s not her it’s… him.”

“Your gay.”

“No, I’m BI.”

“Well, invite him over.” He got out oof the shower and called his lover over. I got out of the shower. I ran out of the bath to set up the bedroom. Finally my guys lover got there.

Zach when to get him. “I have someone you have to meet.” He lead him up to my room. He gasped to see me lying there in my best nightie.

“You are beautiful.” I blushed.

“Thank you.”

“Would you like to have a threesome with my girlfriend and I.”

“I would be delighted.” He ripped his clothes off and jumped in bed. His penis was giant, like 12′. I know why he likes him. Zach laid on the pillows at the front of the bed. I went up to his dick to give him head and started to suck. His friend, I found out his name was John, shoved his dick up my ass. I screamed and almost bite Zach’s dick.


” Suck harder.” After Zach was bored and john was tired, they switched sides. I don’t think they thought about me. Since Zach and I were so much in love he put his dick in my pussy. John’s dick was to big for me to lick his balls.

“Can someone eat me now,” they both looked at me and John volenteered. He went down to my pussy and shoved his face inside me. He continued until I came over and over again. Cum went everywhere and I got a lot of it. We all took a showers together.

“Nice to meet you, hope to see you again soon.” He walked out. “Now why didn’t you tell me before.

“I didn’t think you would be so supportive.” I laughed and we walked back to bed.

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