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A first time experience at an intimate swing party

“Are we ready to go?” I ask Ann.

She grabs the leather tote bag and says, “I think so.” We’ve been preparing all week, picking out all the right clothes and accessories.

As far as the sitter and our kids are concerned, we are just going out to a typical Saturday evening social event. If they only knew what was in the bag.

We had seen an ad in the back of one of the free local entertainment guides for ‘Sensual and erotic adult parties.’ We made our reservation weeks ago, and the wait has been agonizing. But we are prepared. Sexy intimate apparel and lingerie, toys, lube and all manner of latex.

I start the car and pull out of the driveway. This is the first time we’ve gone to an actual swing party. Sure, we’ve played strip poker with other couples, and had a few very sexually explicit truth or dare games, but nothing quite like this. It’s an hour ride up the peninsula. We talk about our fantasies, and what our limits are. About what if she does this and what if he wants that. About our feelings for each other and what we desire for this evening.

The anticipation is excruciating. Finally we arrive, park the car and walk over to the waterfront area. Our hosts and another couple have just arrived. We help them in with the food and beverages, and chat while things are getting set up. It’s a cozy loft apartment overlooking the water. There are two party rooms, one on either side of the main living area, with a small kitchen alcove.

Bob and Jessica have been hosting parties for about three years. There are usually about five or six couples at their parties. They introduce us to Tom and Gayle, who are regulars. Everyone is laid back, and we talk as the other guests arrive. We have some white wine and snack at the buffet table. The conversation is loosening up, with people talking about other clubs and their experiences. We are the only newbies. Everyone else seems to have been around the lifestyle for years. One of the women, Judy, says that she came here to watch the boys play, since they never do at regular house parties. Her husband wasn’t interested in this club and stayed home with the kids. She is here with a good friend Bill. He tells us that his wife went to an all girl party earlier in the week, so this is his night out. There is another conversation going on and I hear a woman say something about her strap-on. This is a bisexually friendly club. Not that you have to be bisexual in order to be here, just have an open mind about people who are. All of these folks are married and lead outwardly straight lives.

I notice a few people drifting off into one of the party rooms. Tom is talking to people about their fantasies. Jessica talks about picking up a young woman at a bar and watching her husband lick her all over. I confess to being turned on by any kind of group activity. Tom presses me to be specific. I describe Ann and I with our tongues twined around his erection. Tom says that he is very turned on by watching the girls play. Ann mentions some exotic location, but doesn’t say who’s on her or what they are doing. I know one little erotic fantasy that has pushed her over the edge: my verbalizing about licking her clit while she is getting her pussy pounded by a hard cock. One of the women in the party room comes out to get something in the kitchen. She is wearing nothing but a terry wrap around her waist and a big smile. Her partner comes out in the buff, and they rummage around in a cabinet before going back to the party.

Ann suggests that we change into something more comfortable. As we are passing by the party room off the kitchen, we see a woman lying on her back on the bed. Her husband is on his knees and between her legs, eating her pussy. The couple that just left the kitchen is there, massaging them and kissing them, making this a very erotic scene. When we come back out, I get some nice compliments on the leopard print silk half-robe that Ann bought me. Ann is wearing a very sheer black teddy with matching robe, and also gets some compliments.

I’m very comfortable here, with a keen sense of belonging. Nothing is fake. Everyone is real, open and honest about their sexuality, whatever their orientation. Gayle had been making small talk with Ann. After we come back, I can’t help but notice her interest in me. She keeps looking over at me questioningly. At this point Tom is oblivious, drinking wine and talking with Bob and Jessica. Ann is taking it all in, enjoying the company.

There is a lot of heavy breathing and moaning coming from the occupied party room, and we’ve heard at least one female orgasm. Ann and I head for the unoccupied party room. I glance back at Gayle and Tom to see if they might be interested in joining us. Gayle gives me a wink and I catch her whispering into Tom’s ear. Ann and I sit on the bed facing each other. I take her hands in mine and kiss her on the lips.

“What do you think so far?” I ask.

“They are very nice people,” she pauses. “But I don’t know if I can do this.”

“You don’t have to do anything that you are not comfortable with,” I reassure her. I’m up for anything, but I understand her hesitance. “What do you think about Tom and Gayle?”

“They’re a very attractive couple. When Tom was asking about my fantasies…” She trails off with a faraway gaze. I wrap my arms around her and kiss her neck. She responds by stroking my back. I pull her close and run my hands down to her buttocks, squeezing them and rubbing near the base of her spine. I feel myself getting erect, growing against her abdomen. Kissing up from her neck to her ear, I lick the outer ridges with my tongue. Her breathe quickens and she presses herself against me tightly. I lean back to untie her robe. Slipping it off her shoulders, her hard nipples are clearly visible through the sheer fabric of her teddy. My erection is poking out through the front of my robe, still confined by my silk shorts. I take off my robe and drop it on the floor. Ann hooks her thumbs under the waistband of my shorts, sliding them down and letting my erection spring free.

Out of the corner of my eye I see Tom and Gayle enter the room. Gayle sits on the edge of the bed and asks, “Can we join you?” Tom’s unspoken smile suggests, ‘and make some of your fantasies come true.’

I raise my eyebrow at Ann. She gives me a slight nod and I say, “Sure.” Tom and Gayle quickly undress and sit beside us. Tom reaches over and massages the back of Ann’s neck. Ann and I are caressing each other and kissing. Tom leans in and kisses Ann on the neck. She closes her eyes and tilts her head back, enjoying the sensation of two sets of lips on her body. I feel her tremble and see goose bumps raise on her arms. Gayle slides in behind me, getting close and pressing her breasts against my back. She traces my right ear with her finger, breathing onto my neck. Her light touch is so sensual. I caress her thigh as she reaches around and runs her hand across my chest. She circles my nipples and tweaks them with her thumb and forefinger. Moving her hand lower, she runs her fingertips along the length of my cock. She uses her fingers to stimulate me, lubricated by my copious amount of precum.

Ann and Tom are now facing each other. Ann has her hand wrapped around Tom’s erect shaft, slowly stroking him. Tom is suckling her right nipple, running his hand down her belly towards her damp pubes. His fingers graze through her dark bush. He caresses on either side of her labia with his index and ring fingers, at the top of her inner thighs. Sliding his middle finger between her lips, he dips into her pussy. Her mouth opens and she gasps at his intrusion. I feel good, watching my wife lose her inhibitions and let go.

I turn around to face Gayle. Our hosts, along with Judy and Bill, have occupied the couch along the far wall. Judy is the center of attention, with Bob and Bill on either side. The three of them are tongue kissing, while the boys caress her breasts. Jessica is kneeling on the rug, kissing and nibbling her way up Judy’s inner thigh. When Jessica reaches her center of attention, she parts Judy’s labia with her tongue, and licks up to her clit, planting her mouth directly on Judy’s erect nub. Judy and Bob are now French kissing. Bill leans across Judy’s lap and slides his mouth along Bob’s engorged member, tickling the tip with his tongue. My head is about to explode! The visual stimulation is overwhelming.

With my hands behind Gayle’s shoulders, I lean forward and lower her to the bed. “Are you having fun yet?” she asks with a smile.

“Oh yes,” I say to her, beaming. “I think we’re going to have a lot more fun before the night is over.”

“Tom,” says Gayle. “Lie down beside us.” Tom rolls in beside her, with his head near her hip. She raises her knee, so her husband can reach under and manually stimulate her. Ann bends down between Tom’s legs. I watch as she lowers her mouth onto his cock. She licks back up to the top and meets my gaze. From her devilish grin I know that she is feeling very naughty, and enjoying it. I kiss my way down Gayle’s body, all the way down to her ankle. Her legs are so soft and smooth. I stroke my hand up her calf. When I reach her knee, I use the tips of my fingers to caress their way up her thigh. I meet Tom’s fingers between his wife’s pussy lips, and feel her slick wetness as he penetrates her. Sliding up, I place my mouth on her clit, lightly stimulating it with my soft tongue. Tom moves his hand away and concentrates on Ann’s ministrations, giving me free rein of Gayle’s pussy. I love to go down on a woman. I am in complete control, and I play her like a fiddle. She is panting heavily, grinding in rhythm to every stroke of my tongue. Not wanting to push her over the edge too soon, I slow down a bit, then stop and come up for air. She lets out a slight whimper, and I know that she is aching for more.

I ask Gayle if she would like to act out a fantasy. She seems keen, and of course so does Tom. Ann blushes as I describe what I have in mind. I lie back on the bed and Ann straddles my head, facing away from my feet. She is very wet and aroused. I extend my tongue and lick her pussy. Her taste and scent are intoxicating. There is a basket of condoms on the nightstand, along with lube and toys. She reaches over and takes two condoms out of the basket, handing one to Tom and one to Gayle. As Tom puts on his condom, Gayle has a trick of her own. She takes the tip of the condom between her tongue and the roof of her mouth, holding the rolled up end against her lips. Bending over me, she fits it onto the head of my cock with her mouth, using her tight lips to slowly unroll it along my entire length. Ohhh, I am so hard and it feels so good. My buttocks clench and I grasp Ann’s hips tightly. Gayle kneels over my hips facing me, and I watch as her hungry cunt devours my enraged cock. Tom slips in between Gayle and Ann, kneeling over my chest. Ann is leaning forward, resting on her forearms. I reach up and guide Tom into my wife’s waiting hole. This is so hot and so naughty that my mind reels. Placing my mouth back onto Ann’s clit, I feel each stroke of Tom’s hot cock as he plunges into her. Ann bends her head down to look at the action, and I meet her gaze. She is breathing heavily through her open mouth, and her face is a contorted mask of lust. At this rate she won’t last long. Her eyes roll and she throws her head back.

“Yes, yes, yes!” She clenches the covers with her fists, thrashing her head from side to side. It’s a wild ride, but I’m determined to stay on target through her gut wrenching orgasm. Ann’s orgasm sends Tom over the edge, and I feel his spasms with my tongue as he explodes. They roll off side by side on the bed, spent.

With a clear view I watch Gayle ride me. I reach up and cup her breasts, grasping her nipples between the base of my index and middle fingers. I can see why this position is called ‘cowgirl.’ She has control, and is grinding against me in a circular arc, with her finger frigging her clit. Matching her pace, I press up against her in a steady rhythm. I feel her getting close, and increase the tempo just a bit. She bears down hard as her orgasm builds.

“On fuck, oh fuck!” she screams. I grab her hips, digging my fingers into her flesh as I piston into her. Her orgasmic spasms are the spark that triggers my explosion.

“Ahh, ahh , arrrrgg!” My scream is guttural and primal as we thrash against each other. Wave after wave of pleasure course through our loins, radiating up through our bodies. She collapses against me in a quivering mass of flesh.

Ann and Tom have been enjoying the show. Gayle slides off into Tom’s arms and I cuddle with Ann. The party is winding down, and the other party room has emptied out. We dress and get ready to go, with hugs and kisses all around. Since Tom and Gayle are regulars here, it is likely that we will see them again.

Ann leans into me on the ride home, enjoying the closeness and warmth as we discuss our shared experience. We have no regrets, and look forward to making this a regular event.

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How to give oral sex to a woman

When it comes to performing oral sex on a woman, what works for one girl doesn’t necessarily work for another. It can even vary for one woman depending on her mood, her arousal levels, and her physical comfort level. Still there are some basic things that you can have in your repertoire. Test them out and see what works for your partner or if you are a girl ask your partner to try them on you.

Before you do anything make sure your hands are clean and your nails are trimmed. Oral sex is mostly about mouth to genital contact, but hands can be very helpful and pleasurable too.

Feeling fresh and clean is key to a good cunnilingus experience. A woman’s natural and healthy scent tends to be musky. If she has a full bush the scent might be emphasized. Personally, I get off on the natural smell of woman (could be another gal’s, could be my own). I think the smell of sex is a sexy thing. However, if the natural scent doesn’t do it for you, but you want to have oral sex anyway, you can use a dental dam (a square sheet of latex that is used as a safer sex barrier for cunnilingus and oral/anal contact) or some flavored lube if your gal tolerates them well.

I also suggest that you shower together beforehand. Using a gentle soap is recommended. Douching is not. Douching is a leading cause in bacterial vaginosis (which causes an imbalance in the vagina and usually also a strong fishy smell). So, if the scent is very fishy then she may have a bacterial infection. In this case, it is understandable that you would want to refrain from going down on her. Bacterial vaginosis is easily treated, but only by using a prescription medication attained by your doctor.

If the smell is simply a strong, natural scent, one thing you might want to do is to encourage a positive association between her natural scent and your mutual sexual pleasure. This can help you in the long run –especially if you expect your partner to perform oral sex on you. After all, it is only kind to return the favor.

Once you are all set up, don’t just dive down there. Warm up with some kissing and all over body stroking. While some gals might like a good pussy licking right off the bat, in my experience most enjoy a little teasing and seduction. It need not be a romantic one, mind you, but letting things simmer can make the experience all the hotter. Personally, I adore some over the panties stroking before any oral or hand to genital contact. The stimulation is not overwhelming and it lets me get used to my lover’s touch.

Once you and her feel comfortable to get to the oral action, have her lie back in a comfortable position. Prop some pillows on the bed for her to lean on or settle down in a reclining chair. Then she spreads her legs. When it comes to what to do and in what order to do it, there are no rules. This is where there are all the possibilities. So let me just throw out a few suggestions and then you can try them out in different ways and see what works out best for you and your gal.

Focus on the clitoris – To make a lady orgasm you need to give her some clit action (either directly or indirectly). The good thing is that the tongue is aclit clitorus perfect thing to do that with. You can touch the clit tenderly or you can apply more pressure. You can circle the periphery or you massage it in various directions.

A couple of cute ways of stimulating the clitoris that I have heard about (and experienced on both the giving and receiving end) is drawing different shapes with your tongue while applying pressure to the clitoris. Go through the alphabet, make a star, little circles clockwise and counter clockwise or any other shape that you can think of. It is a lot of fun!

To keep things interesting and stimulating don’t forget to give some attention to the labia. The outer and inner lips have wonderful nerve endings and licking them as well as applying slow, pressure to them can be very arousing. It seems that the clitoris is built somewhat like a wishbone and has little legs that spilt off from the main “button” part you see at the top of the vulva. While the legs are covered by flesh they can still be stimulated and are a big part of experiencing sexual pleasure. Another area that often is forgotten is the perineum (the space in between the bottom of the vulva and the anus). There are lots of nerve endings there and it can respond quite well to a good licking or stroking.

One cool thing to do is to use your tongue on her clit while gently stroking or massaging her lips with your fingers. Similarly, you can use your fingers to stimulate the first third of her vagina while licking her clit. An in-out motion at varying speeds can be good, but so can staying in and moving your fingers in a circular way to stimulate the opening. Some gals also enjoy anal play so you can stimulate her ass in this way as well.

Don’t forget that you can also use dildos instead of your fingers while performing oral or she can help you out with that. She can focus on fucking herself with the dildo while you focus on her clit.

Whatever methods you decide to use it is important to keep in mind the pace. In the beginning stages it can be very pleasurable to vary the pace and what you are doing, but once you see and hear that she is moving towards climax it is best to stay the course until she orgasms. If you are not sure when that is, ask her to tell you. Giving feedback is important part of sex. Granted no one likes it when the receiver gets bossy (unless that is your turn on of course), but knowing what is working and what is not can only help you become a better lover.

Now go have some oral fun!

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