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Is masturbation good for you

There are old sayings about how “choking the chicken” or “jilling-off” will make you go blind or make hair grow on the palm of your hands. Well, thank goodness that is not true or most of the population would be walking around with those incredible Seeing Eye dogs, looking just about as hairy as the dogs themselves! Truth be told, masturbating is good for you and let me tell you why.

First off, we have the really interesting research that says men masturbating mancan reduce their risk of prostate cancer by regular masturbation. Cancer causing chemicals may build up in the prostate if they do not ejaculate enough. The researchers noted that those who had ejaculated the most between the ages of 20 and 50 were the least likely to develop prostate cancer and that the protective effect was greatest while the men were in their 20s. In fact, men who ejaculated more than five times a week were a third less likely to develop prostate cancer later in life.

Next we have stress reduction. Masturbation is said to be one of the most natural and safe tranquillisers there is. It can help you fall asleep if you are suffering from insomnia. It can help you feel relaxed if you have had a difficult day. After masturbation people often feel energized and focused and that can help them return to tasks that require concentration.

For women masturbation can be an excellent way to get relief from menstrual discomfort. Many women find that an orgasm relieves menstruallady masturbating

cramps. The uterine contractions of an orgasm help expel the menstrual fluid and relieve some of the muscular tension in the muscles of the uterus.

Masturbation like so few other sex acts has no risk of pregnancy or transmission of STI’s. Going solo is truly safer sex!

Masturbation offers you convenience in a way that partnered sex just cannot. As long as you have some privacy you can masturbate. Unfortunately, we do not always have access to partnered sex in the same way. You might be single and not have access to a suitable partner. You might have a sex partner but he/she is not available all the time. Or you might be too tired for partnered sex and just want the fast relief of masturbation. With masturbation you can experience as much gratification as you want given your own desires, schedule and pace. It also takes the pressure off of your partner. They are not the only source of your orgasms and you of theirs.

In a way masturbation allows you to be selfish because you can focus completely on your fantasies and your pleasure, but it also can benefit your partner as well. Through masturbation you can discover exactly what kind of touch and what positions you enjoy most. You can communicate this to your partner. For men, masturbating can also help with ejaculatory control. Using a stop-start technique (stopping stimulation right before orgasm, then returning to touching oneself after the orgasmic feeling has diminished) is one such way.

Now, there are times when masturbating can get out of hand. One might stop going to class or interacting with friends and family and instead spend the entire day masturbating. Regardless of the chosen activity, being socially withdrawn is not seen as healthy. With masturbation it can also “fry” your sexual wiring so to speak and make it difficult for you to achieve orgasm under partnered conditions. So if this is the case, seeing a sex therapist is a good idea.

All to say, masturbation is not bad for you physically, sexually or emotionally. Unless it is something you simply are not at all interested in doing (and according to a recent study of college students some 40% of female students and 12% of male students don’t masturbate at all), masturbation is, in fact, good for you.

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Man vs Sex Toy

Once you go plastic you don’t go back?

There is this myth that no man can compete with a sex toy.

Sex toys sometimes look like penises, but often times they are not. Sometimes they are intended for being used vaginally, but lots are not. Ever heard of the Bend Over Boyfriend series? Lots of straight guys enjoy being on the recipient end of ass play. It has nothing to do with your orientation. Heck, even lesbians are known to be so inclined. It is about your body and your individual turn-ons, not what gender you identify as or what gender you are attracted to.

Now, let’s break things down!

Dildos are mainly for penetrative acts though they can be rubbed onto body parts such as the clitoris for direct stimulation. What is cool about them is that they are made to have different shapes and sizes. They can look similar to penises and even like fingers and hands, but they can also have ridges and curves that body parts do not have.

Vibrators also have some terrific features that human beings do not have. They never get tired. They can stimulate at an intensity that human beings are not able to. Often they are used for stimulating the clitoris, but they can also have a wonderful effect on other body parts, sexual and otherwise. Some people have made fancy fucking devices out of dildos and vibrators. They can make someone squeal like they never have before. They are quite amazing.

Obviously, sex toys can be quite useful during solo sex play. You can do things to your body that your hands cannot do – like get to those hard to reach spots. With all their shapes and features available in today’s sex toys you can experience pleasure in a whole range of ways. What you chose to do depends on your mood and the situation you find yourself in. Sometimes a noisy vibrator is not appropriate, like when you have a roommate. Sometimes it might be.

The same sort of things can be said about using sex toys with your partner. You can do things that two bodies were not designed to do – like fill two holes at once or get some clitoral stimulation by way of your vibrator while your partner does you in a position that leaves you with little direct contact with your clit.

Still, as wonderful as sex toys can be what they certainly cannot do is offer you the intimacy of partnered sex. You cannot share romantic love with a toy. It cannot whisper sweet nothings into you ear. It can give you pleasure, but you cannot return it. It is a one way road. Most every sexual act, with toys or with partners or with both, can assist you in a physical release and in the experience of physical pleasure. Sometimes that is all that we want. We do not want to worry about another person’s needs and desires. We just want to get off. If that is the case, then masturbation and sex toys are good options during those times. But if you want something more (and most people do), then you need to dig a little deeper and make (and even sustain) a connection with another human being.

“Masturbation is safe and often all that is available to someone without a partner, but self-stimulation is limited by the lack of joy that comes from sharing pleasure with a partner.” Elizabeth G. Stewart, M.D

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