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How exercise can improve males and females sexual activity

A lot of people exercise to get fit and stay healthy but little do they know the wonders it can do to revitalize their sex lives. Studies have shown that people who get adequate exercise report better sex and more sex. By hitting the gym a couple times a week you’ll not only be taking care of your health and body but improving your sex life as well. The article below contains all the benefits of how exercise can improve males and females sexual activity.


Exercise increases Confidence

Exercise can greatly increase your confidence. People who exercise have a better view of their body image versus people who do not exercise. Those who are more physically fit rate their desirability higher than those who do not exercise.When you are comfortable with your body and the way it looks, sex is more relaxed and enjoyable.


Exercise improves sexual activity

In an issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, scientists found that lack of exercise and physical activity among people resulted in poor health, less enjoyable sex and even sexual dysfunction. Another study showed that men and women who commit their time to exercise report higher sexual performance. Men experience more stamina and women experience quicker arousal.


Exercise helps maintain Sex Drive as you Age

Sex is not only for the young but as you get older, you may experience decreased sex drive and while sex may not be same as it once was when you were in your 20′s, there is still room for improvement. Seniors who exercise a few times a week report the same amount of sexual pleasure they once had when they were in their 40′s. Exercise is a great way to extend the life of your sexual age.


Exercise releases endorphins

Endorphins are released in many ways. However it happens, it always feels good. Every time you engage in exercise and sex your body releases endorphins. Depending on how intense the release the more pleasure you will experience. Men who exercise are less likely to experience sexual dysfunction than men who do not engage in exercise. Women who are more physically active and keep to an exercise regime experience an increased sexual appetite over women who do not exercise


Exercise allows you to try new things in the Bed Room

People who exercise have more options when it comes to sex. People who are in shape are more physically able to try different positions that require strength and endurance. Exercising helps build these two components which can translate into new and exciting positions in the bed room.


If better health isn’t a big motivator for you to start to exercise perhaps better sex can encourage you to start exercising. Simply put exercising can improve males and females sexual activity. It’s hard to ignore the benefits of exercise and physical activity so why not kill 2 birds with one stone by exercising and reaping the benefits it has on your body and sex life?


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Contraception – IUDs Copper and the mirena

Preventing pregnancy is a concern for most sexually active adults. Most of the methods of contraception available today fall under the control of women, but that does not mean that men should not be interested and knowledgeable about such things. In fact, I think it is in everyone’s best interest that they know what options are available, how they function, and what their failure rate is so they and their partner can make the best decision for themselves. copper iud

Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (The Copper IUD) – The IUD is a small, T-shaped device with a copper wire. Inserted into the uterus, the copper wire changes the chemistry in the uterus and destroys sperm.

Hormonal IUD (Mirena) - The is a hormonal IUD. It is made up of a small T-shaped frame with a small cylinder containing the hormone levonorgestrel. It does not contain estrogen. This cylinder slowly releases the hormone that acts oncontraceptives mirena the lining of the uterus. The lining of the uterus becomes thinner and the cervical mucus becomes thicker which makes it harder for sperm to enter the uterus.

Both the copper and the hormonal IUD provides up to five years of contraception, and has no negative impact on future fertility after removal. The IUD can be used by women who have been pregnant before and those who have not. It fails in one of every 100 users per year (it is 99%effective). The IUD should not alter the timing of your periods. Women who use an IUD have a lower rate of ectopic pregnancy (a dangerous condition in which a fetus develops in the fallopian tube instead of the uterus) than women who do not use any birth control. However, if pregnancy should occur, it is important to see your health care provider immediately, because there is a significant chance the pregnancy is in the fallopian tube.

The IUD does not protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or HIV. Condoms should be used to protect against STIs or HIV. Women who use the copper IUD may find that their periods get heavier or are accompanied by more painful cramping. Complications associated with the IUD are rare but may occur. Possible complications of inserting an IUD include irregular bleeding or spotting, perforating the uterus (making a small hole in the uterus), infection, or expulsion (the IUD falls out). Unlike the copper IUD, the hormonal IUD decreases the amount of menstrual bleeding and may decrease menstrual cramping

You will need a prescription to get an IUD. A health care provider must insert the IUD, usually in the office or family planning clinic. You may need to book a second visit to have the IUD inserted. Your health care provider will insert the IUD into the uterus through the cervix (opening of the uterus). The copper IUD costs between $60 and $100.

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