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Kim tells us about her 1st 3some with a mature couple

A mature couple called Doug and Diana had been Kim’s friends ever since she was sixteen. She used to make an extra bit of cash by baby-sitting in the evenings after school, and a friend of her mum’s had given her name to Doug and Diana. Soon she was baby-sitting for them twice every week, and they always made a point of chatting to her when they got in from their evening out, before politely driving her home. Some of Kim’s friends told stories about the dads they baby-sat for being creepy or trying to touch them in the car, but Doug was never like that, and Diana gave her advice on clothes and makeup and boys almost like an older sister or a second mum.

She hadn’t seen them much during her time at uni, but they kept in touch through cards and emails, and when she ended up living back home with her mum after she graduated, Diana called to invite her to dinner.  It soon became a semi-regular date and spending time with Doug and Diana was as much fun as she remembered.

After a few of these dinners, though, it began to bother Kim that Doug and Diana never seemed to notice that their former babysitter had grown up into an attractive young woman. It would be nice if they at least acknowledged that there was a pretty girl sitting at their table. She started dressing more daringly for their dinners, drank wine, talked openly about her boyfriends, but it didn’t seem to make much difference.

In desperation, she even started flirting a little with Doug, but he seemed oblivious – that was, until one night when the two of them were sitting on the sofa while Diana made some coffee, and Doug quite casually put his hand on her thigh.

Kim had frozen, not knowing what to do, and before she had made up her mind how to react, to her horror Diana had walked in with a tray of coffee cups.

She didn’t scream or shout or do any of the things that Kim would have expected. Instead she put the tray calmly down on the table and said, “Don’t look so shocked, Kim. Isn’t that why you’ve been flirting with him for weeks?”

Too humiliated to notice that Diana didn’t sound angry, Kim had fled the house in tears, mortified that she had been caught flirting with Doug in front of his wife and feeling guilty that she’d ever tried to get him to notice her.

A few days later some flowers arrived for her with a note from Doug and Diana asking if she would meet them for coffee so they could talk about what had happened. To her surprise, the first thing Diana did after she sat down in the cafe with them was apologise. “I’m really sorry, Kim. We handled it badly.”

Diana went on to explain that she and Doug had at times during their marriage invited a third person to participate in their sex lives. Kim’s eyes went as round as saucers at that, but Diana kept calmly on, saying that it was a way for them to make things more exciting without threatening the strength of their relationship. She said that ever since they had rekindled their acquaintance with Kim as an adult, they had talked about how much they wanted Kim to join them at least once, but they had handled it badly when Kim seemed to be flirting with Doug.

Diana had looked over the table at Kim with a nervous smile. “So what do you think?”

Kim hadn’t known what to think, but she knew she wasn’t going to reject the idea out of hand. They talked over coffee for a long time, with Diana explaining that mainly what they wanted was for both of them to be able to touch her, and for Doug to have sex with her while Diana watched. Doug made it clear that he wouldn’t be seeing Kim without Diana present, and both of them emphasised that it was completely up to Kim and that they would carry on being her friends no matter what happened. Everything they said made Kim feel more comfortable, and the more she relaxed, the more she realised that this was exactly what she wanted.

She’d never forget their first time together …

Kim’s reverie was interrupted as she pulled into the driveway outside her house. Grabbing her bags from the back, she hurried inside, dumped her shopping and stripped off her clothes to jump into the shower. As the hot water flooded out to engulf her body, she closed her eyes and thought back to the first time she had gone to Doug and Diana’s house for more than dinner.

Kim had been really nervous, not sure what to expect, so Diana offered her a massage to put her at her ease. The three of them went out to the shady back deck, and Kim shyly pulled the straps of her top down to leave her shoulders bare and laid down on her stomach on a sun lounger. While Doug watched, Diana rubbed some cocoa butter into her hands and began to smooth it into the skin of Kim’s back, neck and shoulders (to this day, Kim couldn’t smell cocoa butter without getting a shiver of arousal). Her hands were warm and strong, and under her experienced touch Kim’s nervousness and the tension in her muscles had melted away bit by bit. So gently that Kim didn’t even notice, her top had been tugged down to her hips so that her entire back was exposed to Diana, who took full advantage of the fresh young skin available to her, stroking and massaging and generally making sure that every inch of Kim’s back felt the caress of her gentle fingers.

Kim, floating now on a cloud of pleasure, felt Diana’s hands leaving her back before they appeared again on her ankles, playfully tickling the soles of her feet to make the younger woman giggle and wriggle. Diana worked her way up Kim’s calves, kneading and stroking, and then up the back of her thighs, higher and higher towards the hem of her short skirt. With every stroke now, her fingertips probed lower until they were sliding over Kim’s inner thighs. Kim, shaking now with arousal, tried to hold herself still as possible, not wanting Diana to stop; tried to keep still as Diana’s hands explored further and further, reaching up under her skirt until her fingers brushed lightly against the damp cotton of Kim’s knickers.

“My goodness,” Diana said softly. Kim craned her neck to look round at her, and saw that the older woman was smiling. She had smiled back, shyly, ready for more.

“I think she’s relaxed now, darling,” Diana called to Doug.

Doug came over and joined them, gently urging Kim to roll over on to her back. He leaned over and kissed her, at the same time reaching between her legs to feel the evidence of her arousal for himself. “I think you’re right,” he said to Diana, kissing her too.

As Diana moved to a nearby seat, close enough for Kim to feel her presence, Doug undressed Kim, piece by piece, pausing frequently to kiss and caress her so that by the time Kim was just down to her knickers, she was too aroused to wait any longer and ripped them off herself, opening her legs to Doug.

He had fucked her slowly, that first time, sliding himself in inch by inch and holding himself motionless for long minutes while he played with her nipples or her clitoris. It was a whole new sensation to Kim, whose sexual experience was limited to impatient men her own age. So was writhing helplessly, moaning and begging to be fucked, which was the state Doug had her in after what felt like hours of this slow teasing. As Doug finally gave into her pleas and started to fuck her properly, Kim had started to cum there and then, only vaguely aware of Diana leaning over to tease her finger into Doug’s anus before the best orgasm of her life overtook her.

Thinking back over that first time on the deck had made Kim extremely turned on. She had to cum right now. Bracing herself with one hand against the wall, she reached between her legs with the other and found her clit, rolling it gently between her fingers, making herself shudder. She wanted more though, and fast; leaning back against the wall, she slid one finger, then two, inside herself and worked them rapidly, tapping lightly on her clit with her thumb. Before long, she was gasping and shaking as she came there and then in the shower, the warm water cascading down between her legs.

Strangely, Kim’s orgasm only made her hungrier for the greater pleasures she was sure the evening had in store. She finished showering and dressed quickly, putting on a simple, lightweight blue dress that suited the warm evening, flat sandals and drying her blonde hair; she had recently had it trimmed back to just past her shoulders in preparation for her trip. The ends brushed her shoulders teasingly as she hurried back to her car, eager to get over to Doug and Diana’s house as soon as possible; she was now an hour and a half later than she’d said she would be!

“I’m so sorry!” she apologised as Doug opened the door to her. “I had this nightmare day, first Mrs. Peterson from next door wouldn’t go away and then Todd’s car broke down and I had to -”

“It doesn’t matter,” Doug told her reassuringly, chuckling at her flood of words. He kissed her cheek lightly, smelling as good as always; she was going to miss that smell of his aftershave in Europe. “You’re here now!”

“I’m sorry, Kim, we had to eat without you,” Diana apologised as Kim sat down with her at the dining table and Doug poured a glass of wine. “The lamb was getting dry.” She grinned. “But you didn’t really come round here for the food, did you?”

Kim blushed and took a sip of her wine.

Doug touched her shoulder gently. “Maybe Kim would rather go straight to dessert.”

“Sure!” Kim looked around, but she didn’t see anything that looked like dessert. “Er … Where is it?”

Diana winked and got up from her chair. “In the kitchen. You’ll see.”

Obediently, Kim followed Doug and Diana into their large kitchen. She still couldn’t see the promised dessert, until she noticed that their wooden table – usually piled high with papers and magazines – had been cleared off for the occasion. The only thing that was standing on the table was a bowl full of strawberries, a can of whipped cream and a smaller bowl full of powdered sugar. “Oh!” she said, realising.

“If we can’t have a last dinner with you, we can at least have dessert off you,” Doug teased. He cupped his hand around her ass and squeezed gently. “You’d better take that pretty dress off, or it’ll get ruined.”

No longer shy and already turned on, Kim slipped the dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

“No underwear? Naughty girl,” Doug chided as Kim hopped up on to the table. “I hope you’re not going to forget all about us when you’re sleeping your way around Europe.”

Kim giggled. “Never.” She watched, her eyes bright, as Diana lifted a strawberry to her lips and held it gently between her teeth.

“Hungry?” Doug asked.

Kim didn’t need telling twice. Naked, she leaned forward and met Diana’s lips with her own, opening her mouth to accept the strawberry. Her teeth bit into it, and there was a moment of sweetness before Diana pushed the rest of it into Kim’s mouth with her tongue. Kim sucked on the strawberry and on Diana’s tongue, sighing with pleasure at the juices and the softness of Diana’s lips. She swallowed and opened her mouth again as Diana pulled away and Doug did the same thing. This kiss was messier, and stray juices from the strawberry dripped down from their mouths, trickling down Kim’s neck. Diana bent to follow the juice with her tongue as Doug fed her another strawberry.

“Mmmm,” Kim sighed, swallowing the sweet fruit. “I love the way you serve strawberries.”

“They’re even better with cream,” Doug replied, gently pushing Kim down flat on the table with her legs dangling over the edge and putting a cushion underneath her head. He reached for the can of whipped cream and squirted some in a rough spiral around one of Kim’s nipples, then the other, then in a long wiggly line stopping just above her mound. He smiled down at Kim. “Good enough to eat.”

Standing on either side of the table, Doug and Diana bent their heads to lick up the cream, using long strokes of their tongues over Kim’s breasts and circling her hardening nipples. Occasionally, they stopped to dip a strawberry in the cream and feed it to each other or to Kim, using her body like a combination of banquet table and feast. Kim, her senses reeling from the erotic stimulation, felt like she was enjoying a delicious, decadent treat, like the richest, filthiest chocolate cake, and the more she got, the more she wanted.

As they worked their way slowly down her body towards her pussy, her excitement mounted. Doug licked off the last of the cream as Diana reached for a large, ripe strawberry and balanced it on top of Kim’s pubic mound. She smiled at Doug. “You first.”

Doug bent his head and bit gently at the strawberry, taking small nibbles from it, in no hurry. “You’re getting her all juicy,” Diana chided softly as the sweet berry juice trickled down over Kim’s pussy lips.

“In more ways than one.” It was Doug’s turn to reach for a strawberry, and this time, he gently pushed it in between Kim’s pussy lips. Kim caught her breath as he lifted his head to smile at Diana. “Your turn.”

Diana moved round to stand in between Kim’s legs, bent down, and gently nuzzled her nose in between Kim’s pussy lips, breathing in the scent of Kim’s arousal. She nudged at the strawberry with her tongue, ignoring Kim’s plaintive moan, and licked at it from one side, then the other, making Kim’s pussy swell and open even further. She nibbled at the strawberry like Doug had done, then lifted her head to swallow it.

“Oh, my, there are a lot of juices down here,” Diana said softly. “I think I’m going to have to clean it up.”

She bent her head and started to lick Kim’s pussy in earnest, dragging her tongue slowly along the labia, using the tip of her tongue to trace its folds, before pushing it inside Kim’s tunnel and circling slowly around. Kim gasped and cried out, wiggling her hips; torn between prolonging this heavenly stimulation and wanting Diana to suck her clit, she didn’t notice Doug leaving her side and moving around behind Diana until she heard the older woman moan in a way that said he’d penetrated her from behind, a moan that sent vibrations right through her delicate tissues. She could feel the rhythm of Doug thrusting into Diana in the way that Diana’s face pressed deeper and harder against her, Diana’s tongue finding Kim’s clit and sucking hard against it as she moaned again, and Kim wailed as she came, warm honey flooding her veins.

Diana rode out the orgasm with her, eagerly licking up the new wetness that flooded Kim’s pussy, then lifted her head to smile at the shaking girl, her own body still swaying from Doug’s fucking. “More?”

“Oh, yes,” Kim gasped. “Please.”

Diana smiled again and straightened up, twisting in Doug’s arms to share a long kiss with him as he cupped her breasts in his hands. Then she pulled away from her husband, and pushed him forward into the space she had formerly occupied in between Kim’s legs. Kim caught her breath as Doug’s hard cock brushed against her thigh. “Please,” she said again.

Obeying her wishes, Doug pushed his cock inside her, and Kim let out a long sigh of satisfaction that turned into a cry of surprised pleasure as Doug hooked his hands under her knees, pulling her closer against him, and began to fuck her with the long, hard strokes she loved the most. Diana moved back round to the side of the table, licked her fingers and dipped them in the sugar bowl until they were coated in powdered sugar. Kim opened her mouth and sucked on them greedily, so close already to another orgasm, swirling her tongue around Diana’s fingers to the rhythm of Doug’s thrusts. She knew without being told that Diana’s other hand was playing with her own pussy, and reached out her own hand blindly; Diana grasped it and guided it into the slippery wetness and warmth that said the older woman was as close to coming as Kim was. As Kim’s toes began to curl, she wrapped her legs around Doug’s waist, urging him on, and as Diana’s pussy convulsed around her fingers, she felt Doug begin to shudder and knew that they were all coming together, her last thought before she spasmed around Doug’s cock and abandoned herself to her own orgasm.

Later, after the shaking had subsided, Diana brushed Kim’s sweaty hair away from her face and asked, “So are you going to miss us in Europe?”

Kim smiled sleepily up at her friends. “Of course I am. I don’t know anyone in Europe who serves strawberries like that!”

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