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How exercise can improve males and females sexual activity

A lot of people exercise to get fit and stay healthy but little do they know the wonders it can do to revitalize their sex lives. Studies have shown that people who get adequate exercise report better sex and more sex. By hitting the gym a couple times a week you’ll not only be taking care of your health and body but improving your sex life as well. The article below contains all the benefits of how exercise can improve males and females sexual activity.


Exercise increases Confidence

Exercise can greatly increase your confidence. People who exercise have a better view of their body image versus people who do not exercise. Those who are more physically fit rate their desirability higher than those who do not exercise.When you are comfortable with your body and the way it looks, sex is more relaxed and enjoyable.


Exercise improves sexual activity

In an issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, scientists found that lack of exercise and physical activity among people resulted in poor health, less enjoyable sex and even sexual dysfunction. Another study showed that men and women who commit their time to exercise report higher sexual performance. Men experience more stamina and women experience quicker arousal.


Exercise helps maintain Sex Drive as you Age

Sex is not only for the young but as you get older, you may experience decreased sex drive and while sex may not be same as it once was when you were in your 20′s, there is still room for improvement. Seniors who exercise a few times a week report the same amount of sexual pleasure they once had when they were in their 40′s. Exercise is a great way to extend the life of your sexual age.


Exercise releases endorphins

Endorphins are released in many ways. However it happens, it always feels good. Every time you engage in exercise and sex your body releases endorphins. Depending on how intense the release the more pleasure you will experience. Men who exercise are less likely to experience sexual dysfunction than men who do not engage in exercise. Women who are more physically active and keep to an exercise regime experience an increased sexual appetite over women who do not exercise


Exercise allows you to try new things in the Bed Room

People who exercise have more options when it comes to sex. People who are in shape are more physically able to try different positions that require strength and endurance. Exercising helps build these two components which can translate into new and exciting positions in the bed room.


If better health isn’t a big motivator for you to start to exercise perhaps better sex can encourage you to start exercising. Simply put exercising can improve males and females sexual activity. It’s hard to ignore the benefits of exercise and physical activity so why not kill 2 birds with one stone by exercising and reaping the benefits it has on your body and sex life?


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Swingers Party – A couple visit a place of unlimited pleasure

It has been an interesting few months. I never thought it possible for me to even consider participating in sex with the neighbours. The first time that Carol came over was hard for me, particularly watching Michael finish by having sex with her. The next time with Carol and her boyfriend was better; Michael and I were able to make love as a couple and I guess I felt less jealous about that. Carol then joined the two of us, and it was even better to have the full attention of Michael and her.

Now, it is our first party and I am not sure what to expect. The rules are to dress sexy; Michael suggested that red underwear would go well against my brown skin. I let him purchase a lacy g-string and a matching bra. Looking in the mirror, the underwear does look good, he is better at those things that I am. Although I am 40, I have been dieting and working out, and it is really showing. Michel says I look great, he loves my arse and grabs it every chance he can get. I am going to wear the tight black dress I bought for last years Christmas party with some black high heels. Not too high though. Underneath the g-string I am freshly shaved and ready for the night.

Michael is wearing new underwear, but just a new jockey style. He thinks it is tacky for men to wear g-strings and other strange attire. Over that goes his normal clothes. Like me, he is shaved in all of the intimate places.

Our hotel is only a short walk to the club. Michael deposits our belongings in the safe at reception before we head off.

At the club, which looks like it used to be a factory or warehouse, we are greeted by a lady in her 30′s. We tell her who we are and Michael pays her the $50. She invites us in and shows us around.

Downstairs is what she describes as the ‘meeting’ area. This is an open space with couches and a bar. Also downstairs is the ‘group sex’ room. This is a large room, mirrors right along one wall and windows overlooking the yard. The room is entirely covered with a plastic covered mattress. Moving outside, the yard has a large wooden spa and deck, as well as some tables and chairs.

Upstairs are what she calls the ‘private’ rooms. There are several rooms; each one has a smaller version of the mattress downstairs. She gives us a key on a chain and takes us to the locker room. Here we can leave our clothes. In each locker are two towels and some condoms. We shan’t need those as I have insisted that Michael and I are only operating as a couple. We undress down to our underwear and Michael hangs the locker key around his neck.

Downstairs, Michael asks me if I want a drink.

“A glass of wine please.”

“Are you sure, you don’t normally drink?”

“Yes, quite sure.”

“Make sure you don’t drink too much. It will affect you more if you are not used to it.”

Michael returns with a glass of white wine and some bottled water for himself.

“Be careful, sip it to make it last, It tastes sweet but is still quite powerful.” On the couch in the meeting room are another couple. They are fully clothed and holding hands, looking as nervous as I feel. At least Michael has enough front for both of us.

It is already 9 o’clock, and the party is starting to move. We go outside to check the spa. It has several men and women in it. One man is on his knees on the ledge inside the spa; his face buried between the legs of a middle-aged woman. The women is sitting on the decking around the spa, her legs either side of his head and holding a glass of wine like mine; looking quite unconcerned. The other men and women in the spa are hugging and kissing, and probably playing with each other below the frothing water. A movement catches my eye. There is a woman on her back on one of the garden tables. A man is standing and thrusting into her with slow strokes. The only connection between the two seems to be his penis. I feel like I am spying so I look away quickly. Something draws me back, and I grip Michael’s hand and point them out to him. Nothing much else is happening out here, and it seems rather lonely in the semi-darkness.

We adjourn inside the club. The couple are still on the couch, still holding hands. There is more happening in the group sex room. A man is on his back, and a slim lady in her 30′s is on top. Only she is facing backwards, facing towards his feet. Michael says that is called a ‘reverse cowgirl’. She has very pale skin, whiter than I have ever seen before. She has red hair and I notice that she has left some hair around her pussy. It is red too. Michael was right, he said he had been with natural blondes who were like that. She alters her position, leaning back more. She seems to be enjoying it.

A middle-aged woman, a little plump, is on top of a man, he is fucking her from below. A second man is fingering her arse. The second man then moves forward, and presses his penis into her arsehole. The woman stops moving and allows herself to be penetrated by two men at once. She grimaces a little as he eases his way into her. Slowly, both men resume thrusting, the man on top slowly at first. It looks like their penises are touching they are so close together. The woman shows no discomfort having two men inside her. That must be an amazing experience. A third man gets on his knees near her face. She reaches up and takes him in her mouth. I watch now as she satisfies three men. I can feel myself getting wet, and my red underwear now has a dark patch as it soaks up my juices. I feel Michael’s manhood, it is larger but still not erect. We will have to do something about that soon.

The man on the bottom doesn’t last so long, he starts pumping faster and faster and then slows when he cums. He waits a second and pulls out before his condom slips off. The man on top is also starting to move faster. He too doesn’t last so long. I know how tight it must be for him. He pumps faster a couple of times before slowing when he cums as well. He grabs his condom as he pulls out. The third man is getting all of the woman’s attention now. She sucks him as well as rubbing his shaft with one hand. He grunts and cums, but we don’t see anything as he is also protected by latex.

There is another couple to one side. He is standing and she is on her knees, his manhood in her mouth. I watch as she runs her lips up and down his shaft while stroking him at the same time. After a while, he starts moving his hips, fucking her mouth while she bobs back and forward in time. He runs his hands through her hair as she continues to lick and suck on him. His thrusting becomes more frantic and I can feel him almost ready to cum. With a final gasp, he comes inside her mouth. She keeps on sucking on him, swallowing his semen although I can see a little dripping to one side. With some of the semen running down her face, she smiles like she enjoyed it as much as he did.

I have finished my drink and Michael asks me if I want another.

“No thanks.”

Maybe he was right and it is affecting me. All I want to do now is get rid of my underwear. I unhook my bra and slip down my g-string. I then gently ease Michael’s underwear down. He takes the hint and steps out of them. His manhood is definitely swollen but not yet ready. I quickly place our small pile of clothing in the corner before returning to him. He grabs me and kisses me while stroking his favourite part, my bottom. He asks me if I want to go upstairs to the private rooms. I say no, lets do it here.

I stroke his shaft, and feel it quickly grow with my caresses. His penis is not much longer than most of the others, but it is so much thicker. He asks me how I would like it.

“Reverse cowgirl”


He lies down, and I kneel astride him, guiding him in. This does feel different. I lean forward and hold his legs and then start to stroke slowly. I look around and I notice we have attracted an audience. There are a couple of men and women up close and watching us. This isn’t what I expected, so many people watching.

One of the men reaches across and fondles my breasts. Like a lot of men, he is too hard, squeezing my breasts and hurting my nipples. I brush him away.

I change a little and lean back. Michael’s rod is now touching that sweet spot inside on each stroke. Now I know why that red-haired girl was enjoying this so much. It really is good.

In the crowd is a girl with long blonde hair. She moves up close and reaches forward between my legs. She gazes up at me and smiles. I nod. She starts to rub my clit ever so gently. Now, this is heaven, I can feel Michael’s swollen manhood brushing my sweet spot while this girl strokes and caresses my clit. I close my eyes and try to forget about our audience, I just want to cum. But I can’t! No matter how good it feels, I am not getting close. Any my legs are getting tired too.

I ease myself off Michael, I hear him fall out with a ‘plop’. I ask him to get on top. I need to feel him deep inside me. I spread my legs and pull my knees back in anticipation. As he moves towards my hungry opening, I guide him in. He slides right in with his full depth. He pulls almost right out and does it again. At the same time, I can feel the girl up close to us; she is caressing my face while Michael thrusts so deeply. I can feel the sweat on his chest, I see the dampness in his hair. I think he is finding it as hard to cum as I am. He slows down again, drawing right out of me until I can feel him just caressing my lips before thrusting down with his full length. Then again, and again and again. I can feel the tension in his muscles as he seems to be willing himself onward. At last, one last deep thrust and a deep gasp as he cums inside me. He continues to pump three or four more times until he is spent. I love that feeling when I am full of his liquid, when I can feel both his juice and his member still inside me.

He kisses me tenderly as the girl rubs her hand through his damp hair. He lies there for a bit before pulling out. The girl finds a facecloth from somewhere and wipes the juices away from my pussy and where they have drained onto the mattress.

Then she does something unexpected. She bends over and kisses me, I feel her tongue between my lips, I open my mouth in anticipation. Our tongues touch, hers deep inside me. At the same time she reaches down to my swollen and wet pussy and starts to stroke me again. Quietly, she asks, “I want to taste you.” I nod.

She leans across my, running her tongue around my nipples, licking her way down to my womanhood. I feel her hair tickling against my skin as she explores my body. She finally gets down to my clit and teases it with her tongue.

I have never tasted a female before, but I look across at her cute bottom so close to my head. I reach across and gently motion her legs towards me. She gets the hint and moves to straddles my face. I look up at her so close to my face, her labia surrounded by trimmed blonde hair. I brace myself by holding her hips and raise my mouth to kiss her there. Her lips are engorged and wet but the taste and smell is sweet. Sweeter than I imagined. I imitate her motion on me, rubbing my tongue up and down her lips and then moving to her clit, large and protruding with the excitement. I then lick her lips again just to taste her juices. I can see why men just beg to go down on us,

The girl moves, and whispers to me that it is best if she concentrates on me first. She resumes by kneeling between my legs, I feel her slip her tongue inside me. Never before had a finger or a cock felt so good. Her tongue was everywhere, trying to devour my insides. Then she pulls it out and moves up. Her tongue makes contact with my clit, I just so want to cum, I am willing her to make it happen. She opens her entire mouth and devours me. Her entire mouth and lips are working on my clit. I feel the sensations build as she holds my hips to brace herself against my movements. I cry out when I cum, it’s just so wonderful as the feelings flood through me. She continues to lick and suck, it’s incredible. I feel the feelings building. I raise my hips, trying to force her face harder onto me. Again those feelings flood through me. But she doesn’t take her face away. I want her to stop and I want her to keep going. Once more I feel it build up, again I cry out. Again I cum.

It’s too much, I need to stop, I need to recover. I grab her head and ease it away from me. She looks at me and smiles.

“Now its my turn”

She lies down beside me and I take the hint. I kneel between her legs and bury my face in her cute, blonde – framed womanhood. All I want to do is devour this pretty young girl who has taken me places I never believed possible. I start to lick her lips, lick her clit. I let my feelings take over. Then I think, slow down, take it easy. I take her whole clit in my mouth and suck and lick it. She moves her hips, I hold onto her to keep contact. Still I continue to devour her. I feel her pressing her hips hard against my face. She reaches forward and holds my head. She cries out as she cums.

Just as she had done to me, I keep it up; again she presses her hips up hard against me, her pussy dripping; her juices running down my chin. Again she cries out. Again I had make her cum. Still I want to keep going.

“Oh yes, just like that”

She wants to cum. I keep stroking her clit. Again she cries out and I have to hold on as she cums again.

Then she sits up. I move along her body, kissing her tummy, her belly button, her breasts. I want to devour this wonderful girl who has brought be so much pleasure. She reaches forward and kisses me on the lips, my lips that are still wet with her juices. Then she pulls out from under me and disappears out of view.

I notice that the crowd around us is now a little smaller. Michael is kneeling nearby, his member starting to grow again.

“Are you alright?” I ask. “You look a little left out.”

“No, not at all darling, you two are the most beautiful people in the room, and that was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen”

He leans across and kisses me. I run my hands up his shaft and feel it start to grow again. I want to eat him too.

“Stand up Michael”

He did as he was told. I kneel before him and take him in my mouth. I can feel it grow. I remembered what the lady was doing when we saw her earlier in the evening and copied her. As well as running my lips up and down his shaft, I also use my hands on him. I feel him growing. There are still one or two watching us, but I couldn’t care less. This has been a special night for me, and one which would not have happened had he not pushed me a little. I want to taste his cum for the first time.

I feel some cum on the end of his shaft already, it tastes a little salty and not unpleasant. Hey, I think I learnt tonight that our bodies juices are something to relish, not something to be ashamed of. I continue to suck and to stroke. I hope he doesn’t take to long to cum, my neck and lips are starting to ache.

He can’t run his hands through my African hair, but he holds my head and strokes my cheek. I continue to suck, I want to feel him fill me up and I want to taste his masculine juices. I feel his muscles tighten, he grunts and he spurts into my mouth, again and again. It runs over my tongue and down my throat. Hey, it feels good. Every woman should do this. I want every last drop, so I run my tongue up and down the length of his shaft, licking away all of that lovely man – juice.

“Darling,” he says, “I think it is time for us to go.”

I grab our underwear and we make our way to the locker room. On the way, coming down the stairs, we see the couple who were sitting on the couch. Coming down the stairs from the ‘private rooms’. They are still holding hands only she is wearing nothing but roll top stockings and a smile and he just has the smile. His hair is untidy, hers is dishevelled. I think they had a fun time too.

In the locker room are large showers, big enough for the two of us. We shower together, Michael washes away the juices from between my legs, and then I wash him. We get dressed and head back to the hotel. It is not late, but a lot has happened in the last three hours or so.


I slept oh so soundly and I think Michael did too.

I awake with the unusual noises of the city. I feel a little confused. I notice that Michael is stirring.


“Yes darling”

“I am not sure where we go from here”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, last night was more wonderful than I imagined, but how do we repeat that?”

“Last night was special, and we will do it again sometime. But there is still you and me together. And anytime we want to we can make love together.”

He leans over and kisses me. I kiss him back. He runs his hands around to my bottom and fondles it. I get the hint and remove my nightie. He continues to kiss me, drawing my lips between his. At the same time he gently caresses my breasts, circling but not touching the nipples.

He holds me in his arms and hugs me close to him. I wrap my leg over his, and he reaches down and fondles my leg and thigh. He knows me, he knows which parts of me to rub hard and which parts to be gentle with.

He continues on my lower half. I spread my legs to give him access. He rubs my thighs, straying to my pussy lips before moving to the other thigh. He spends a little more time at my pussy, getting me hotter all of the time. All the time, he kisses my mouth, kisses the nape of my neck, kisses my nipples.

I reach down for his manhood, but it is hard and erect. I don’t need to stroke it, I just hold it. I wrap my fingers around it and feel the size and feel the hardness.

He then moves to my clit. He places his fingers each side of and starts to rub. Not too hard, not too soft, not too fast, not too slow. I feel the pleasure building. Every now and again, he rubs a little harder. My pleasure builds more and he must sense it. He gradually increases the pressure but not the speed. The familiar sensations build up and with a gasp I cum. He immediately stops, knowing I must be sensitive. That was just so good.

He starts on my pussy lips, preparing me for him. He slips one, then two fingers inside for a little while. Not too long, there is something much bigger to follow.

Silently, he rolls me on my back and lifts my right leg. I pull it out of the way and he slides underneath, his leg then over my left leg and his hips right where they should be. He takes his shaft and edges it forward. I take it from him and press it to me. He slowly enters me. I feel myself expand around his size.

He can’t kiss me, he is lower on the bed. He strokes my cheek and kisses by breasts. He holds my face, leaves my pussy alone. All the time, he thrusts gently. I reach down and feel myself. I feel his shaft inside me just below my fingers. I rub myself, not to make myself cum, just to feel good. All of the time he kisses my nipples and caresses my face.

I feel him quicken, he thrusts faster and then he thrusts very, very deep into me. He grunts as he cums. I feel him fill me, his juices and his shaft now inside me. He continues to lie inside me as I rest my leg on his hip. The juices are running out of me and down my legs.

“What about the sheet?” I ask

“It’s a present for the maid” he replies. “The stain is her souvenir that we love each other and we made love this morning in this bed.”

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