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Wife got the birthday present she always wanted – “GangBang”

True Story about a husbands wifes 1st ever gangbang!

“So you guys follow me, OK?”


Grinning to myself, I shut the car door and grabbed my Blackberry to call my mature wife. She answered on the second ring. “Hey, hot stuff,” she greeted me playfully.

“Hey. You about ready for your birthday surprise?”

“I’ve been ready for hours!” she yelped indignantly. That was part of the plan; to make her enjoy this even more through the power of anticipation. “Please tell me you’ll be home soon so we can do whatever you’ve got planned!”

“Hang tight, babe. We’re – I’m almost there.” I hung up quickly before she could pick up on my little slip of the tongue, and started the car. Our 1st ever swingers  experience was all prepared, I couldn’t wait to get on with this little birthday present for my wife.

Michelle has a very healthy sex drive and a wicked sense of humour, so I wasn’t surprised when she opened the door to me wearing a pink satin slip trimmed with black lace and a see-through robe. “Finally,” she purred, wrapping her arms around my neck, pulling me inside the door, and giving me a very deep and thorough kiss.

I broke away and smiled. “Sorry, babe. I had to pick up your presents.”

“Presents?” Michelle looked past me and her eyes widened. “Oh!”

“Hi,” the man who had followed me in said with a big smile. “I’m Marcos.”

Michelle fumbled to cover herself up, but I stopped her. “No need.”

She looked from me to Marcos and back. “But -”

“Hang on a second.” I beckoned the second man who had followed me to come in too. “Michelle, this is Connor. Marcos, Connor – my wife, Michelle.”

“Hi, Michelle,” Connor said. He was blond, well over six feet tall. “Happy birthday.”

“Well, I -” Michelle said, flustered. “Um – come in?”

She pressed close to me as Marcos and Connor followed my gesture through to the living room. “What’s going on?” she whispered.

“Well, we’ve talked enough about your deepest fantasy, haven’t we?” I steered her into the living room. “Ready to make it a reality?”

“You mean -” She looked at the two men now sitting on our sofa. “They’re -”

“They’re for you,” I told her softly. “I found them for you. They’re dying to do whatever you want them to do to you.”

And both Marcos and Connor were checking Michelle out openly as they sat on the sofa. Marcos was shorter, stockier, with dark hair tied back into a ponytail; he had a big, friendly smile that had a hint of mischief about it.

“I don’t know what to say!” Michelle said.

I knew that she was stunned to find her biggest fantasy realised. I put my hands on her shoulders and started rubbing them gently. “Say you like your party.”

“I do,” Michelle said softly. “I really do. But what about you?”

“I want to see you enjoying yourself.” I reached for her robe and slid it off her shoulders so that it fell to the ground, kissing her neck. “Why don’t you unwrap your presents?”

She stepped towards Marcos and Connor, who stood up from the sofa as she approached. Smiling at both of them, Michelle ran her hands down their chests to their belts. They both leaned in at the same time, Marcos kissing her cheek and Connor kissing her neck.

I could see from the way her back arched that she was reacting to their touch. As Connor continued to kiss her neck, Marcos slid the straps of her slip off her shoulders, pushing them down her arms so that her breasts were revealed. Marcos cupped my wife’s breasts in his work-roughened hands as she kissed Connor on the mouth, their tongues openly mingling. One of her hands drifted down to his crotch, feeling his dick already rock hard in his pants.

Connor broke the kiss and started kissing Michelle’s neck down to her breasts, taking one nipple into his mouth and teasing it with his tongue. Marcos pulled her slip down so it puddled on the floor, taking his turn to kiss her.

Tilting her head back, Michelle looked at me and whispered “Thank you!” as she ran her fingers through Marcos’ hair. Then she stepped back, pushing gently on both of their chests. “But this is my party.”

As I watched, my wife started undoing Connor’s jeans, taking his dick into her left hand as she reached for Marcos and did the same thing to him, reaching inside his pants for his dick. “Take your clothes off,” she instructed them.

Michelle and I watched as they both took off their T-shirts and stepped out of their trousers and underwear. The second they were free again, Michelle took both of their dicks, one in each hand, and stroked them slowly, both of them fully erect now. Marcos caressed her breasts while Connor ran his fingers up her thigh. I remembered all the times Michelle had told me about how the thought of having two dicks in her hands at the same time sent her wild. I knew she’d be wet.

She knelt down in front of them and turned her head to look at me. “Aren’t you coming to my swinging birthday party?”

My dick was hard in my own pants, but I shook my head. “I want to watch you.”

Michelle gave me a little smile. “Then I’ll have to give you a good show.” She turned back and took Connor’s hard dick into her mouth. He moaned in pleasure as Michelle sucked it into her mouth, cupping his balls as she pumped Marcos’ shaft. Smoothly, she moved to Marcos, taking him in her mouth and Connor in her hand. Both of them groaned. I knew just how they were feeling. My wife was so fucking good at sucking cock.

“Careful, boys,” I said to them. “This party’s supposed to last all night.”

“Right.” Marcos reached down and pulled Michelle to her feet, her mouth leaving his cock with a wet smacking sound. “Come here, you tease.”

He pushed her backwards on to the couch, kneeling down between her spread legs. Connor followed, leaning over Michelle to play with her nipples. “After he makes you come, I’m going to fuck you,” he whispered to Michelle.

Marcos pushed her thighs apart and reached for her clit, teasing it with two fingers. He looked up at me. “She’s so wet!”

“Tell me about it.”

Marcos leaned closer and slid two fingers inside Michelle. As I watched his fingers disappearing, Michelle inhaled sharply and pushed her head back against the sofa, and I knew that she was almost ready to come already. As Marcos’ wet fingers worked inside her, I could just about see his tongue on her clit even as Connor licked and sucked her nipples. Michelle’s eyes were wide as she processed the feeling of two tongues, two men working on her at the same time. She spread her legs wider, reaching down to grab a handful of Marcos’ hair, bucking against his face and fingers.

“Oh my god,” she breathed as Marcos licked her clit. “OH MY GOD!!!”

Michelle pushed harder against Marcos, and he responded by sliding his hands under her ass and pulling her even more firmly against him. Connor sucked hard on one of her nipples, rolling the other one between his fingers. I watched as her body shook furiously and she arched her back, her whole figure quivering as she let out a long wail.

“Ohhhh …. my … god ….”

Michelle collapsed back against the sofa as the last remnants of her orgasm shook through her. Marcos turned his head and grinned at me. “Can we move to the bedroom? I think this little lady needs a good fucking.” He was definitely the more outgoing of the two.

“Couldn’t agree more. This way.”

Each of them took one of Michelle’s hands, pulling her up. “Up you get. We’re not finished with you yet.”

“I hope not,” Michelle sighed as she reached hungrily for their cocks.

I led them upstairs, finding a good position to get a good view of the proceedings as they came in. Marcos led the way, sitting down on the bed and taking hold of Michelle’s hands, keeping her in place as Connor pressed his body against her from behind. Connor slid his hand between her legs, caressing her as he spread her pussy lips.

Michelle reached for Marcos’ dick, but he pushed her hand away, pulling on her knee instead so she rested it obediently on the bed. “You can have my dick back once Connor’s fucking you.”

“Yes, please, fuck me, Connor!”

I watched as Connor’s dick slid into my wife. She was so wet and open that he could just push inside, sighing as her walls tightened around him, that feeling I knew so well. He thrust against her slowly, deeper and deeper, as Michelle turned to me where I was sitting.

“Still enjoying this?” she asked, her voice tight with pleasure.

“Almost as much as you are,” I smiled.

Michelle reached for Marcos’ dick and took it into her mouth, unashamedly enjoying the girth of his thick, short dick. He groaned and started thrusting his hips upwards so that she was bounced back and forth between Connor thrusting into her pussy and Marcus into her mouth. Every time Marcos pushed his hips, she was impaled deeper on Connor; every time he thrust against her, Marcos’ dick slid a little further into her mouth. I watched the two men fucking my wife in her mouth and pussy, her body bouncing back and forwards between them, being used for their pleasure like a toy.

And she was loving every minute of it. I could hear her moans and wails, muffled by the cock in her mouth as Connor thrust harder and harder into her from behind.

“Get her off me before I come,” Marcos said between gritted teeth. “Anyway, I want to hear her scream.”

Connor obliged,  grabbing handfuls of Michelle’s hair and pulling her up off Marcos’ dick. It was rougher than I ever was with her, but it was plain that she was enjoying it as she arched her back against Connor.

“Fuck me! Argh! So good!”

“Give it to her,” I instructed Connor.

He grinned and grabbed her hips, ramming into her as hard as he could.  Marcos slid closer, took her arms to brace her. Clearly, her breasts bobbing and swaying in front of his eyes were too much of a temptation; he reached out and captured one of her nipples. I saw him bite down gently.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!”

I watched as Michelle came again, even harder than before, her hands grabbing wildly at Marcos for balance as her whole body shook and shuddered, her muscles clenching and spasming on Connor’s dick. As she collapsed forward on to Marcos, letting him take her weight, she turned her head and her glazed eyes found me.

“Best … birthday … ever,” she gasped out, still shuddering.

“Good,” I said with a smile. “But it’s not over yet …”

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Wifes 1st time with a girl while hubby watches (True story)

Making someone else’s fantasies come true can be even better than doing something for yourself!

I’m Stephanie, and my husband’s name is Carl. He had always wanted to see me with another woman, and as part of his 30th birthday present I agreed to make his fantasy come true, even though I’d never been with a woman. Carl agreed that he would just watch and not join in, saying it was sexier anyway.

I didn’t really know where to start and I certainly didn’t want to involve someone that we knew, so I went online and started looking up information. I quickly found that the best way would be to sign up to an online swingers site like and see if we could hook up with someone that way, so I signed up and filled out our profiles, uploading some photos of us and saying that we were a couple looking for a woman to fulfil a fantasy.

To my surprise we got contacted right away by people in our area who wanted to PM or video chat with us. I spoke to a few of them, but nothing really came of it, and then I got a message from a woman named Denise. We messaged for a while and she seemed friendly and funny, so I worked up the courage and asked her if she wanted to privately chat over webcam. She said yes instantly.

I turned on our webcam and there she was! She was as nice-looking as she was in her profile picture (you can never tell with these things). Surprisingly, her first words were “Oh my God, you’re so pretty!”, showing that she’d been thinking the same thing.

We talked and giggled for a bit, then Denise asked me about exactly what I was hoping for. I told her that as a present for my husband I was looking to fulfil one of his fantasies, and that I’d never done anything with a woman before.

“Ooh, I love first-timers,” she said mischievously, winking at me.

I chatted with her a few more times just to be sure, but in my heart I’d already decided; Denise was the one.

We set a time and date; I booked a hotel room and arranged for Denise to meet us in the hotel bar for a drink first, thinking that we could still back out if she wasn’t as nice and normal as she seemed. She wasn’t there when we arrived, so we ordered a bottle of Chardonnay and sat down at a secluded table, looking up nervously whenever the door opened.lesbian swingers

After about ten minutes, there she was, and from the look on Carl’s face, I knew that Denise was the right choice. Where as I was quite short and curvy, Denise was tall and skinny, with long legs and small boobs. Her dyed-red hair was a short mop of curls, she wore heavy black eye makeup and there was a tattoo on her upper arm. I knew all of this would make a sexy contrast to my looks and the way I dressed.

She wasn’t shy either, walking straight up to us and saying “Hello, gorgeous!” with a big grin on her face. She kissed us both on the cheek in a friendly fashion, and I shivered at the brush of her lips as she lingered slightly.

“Let’s have a drink,” Carl suggested, knowing I was nervous.

We sat down and chatted. Denise was good company and the wine was lovely. I felt myself relaxing. In fact, I began to be eager to get on to the main event of the evening. Just then, a foot slid slowly and caressingly up my calf underneath the table. Denise was feeling the same way.

“Let’s move this upstairs,” Carl said.

The hotel room had a king-sized bed and a chair in one corner. Carl sat down in the chair and I was left standing in the middle of the room, feeling awkward. Denise walked over to me and softly brushed my hair away from my face, her fingertips just grazing my skin. She did it again, letting my curls flow through her fingers. It felt friendly and soothing, like something a friend or a sister would do, and I relaxed, closing my eyes and leaning into her hand.

“That’s good,” she said softly. “Keep them closed.”

I obeyed. The only sound in the room was the breathing of Carl and Denise. I smelled her perfume in the air, something strong and daring. Then her hands were on either side of my head, cradling it, and her lips met mine gently. They were soft and full, her smooth skin brushing against mine; it was so different from kissing a man! Feeling daring, I parted my lips slightly, and let my tongue taste her lipstick. The tip of her tongue slid along my lips, returning the favour, then probed delicately inside. I opened my mouth and let her kiss me properly, our tongues sliding and swirling against each other erotically.

I kept my eyes closed as she slid my dress off my shoulders, letting it fall down to her waist, and undid the clasp of my bra, her fingers deft and quick unlike the clumsy fumbling of so many men.

“Such big, juicy tits,” I heard her say to Carl. “You lucky man.”

“She loves it when you play with them,” he replied.

“Try and stop me.” She didn’t lift and squeeze them as Carl would have done; instead she ran her fingertips over and around them in delicate spirals. My breath came quicker as the teasing, skating touch came closer and closer to my nipples before drawing away again. In truth, I’d never really liked having my naked nipples touched; it was always too much and not enjoyable. But now I wanted her hands on them more with every passing second.

Denise made me wait until I was almost gasping, then slid her hands underneath my heavy breasts and lifted them, gently squeezing them together. I felt her warm breath as she blew first on one, then the other, making them even harder. Then she didn’t suck hard as I expected her to do, the way men always think will turn you on; instead, she flickered her tongue lightly over them, batting at them almost playfully, like a cat with a toy. It sent pleasure all through me. I didn’t know it could feel like this; I was definitely going to give Carl some lessons when we were next alone!

I wanted her to feel the same pleasure I was feeling, so I lifted my hands and started caressing her breasts through her top. I’d never thought I’d be fondling another woman’s tits, but I tried to do the same thing to her as she was doing to me, rubbing my thumbs across her nipples until I could feel them coming hard through the fabric. Still nervous to look directly at her, I turned my head and opened my eyes to look at Carl. His eyes were fixed on us as we kissed and caressed each other’s tits, and the look on his face – and the bulge in his trousers! – told me everything I needed to know.

Denise’s hands left my breasts, slid down my back and pulled me close to her for another long, passionate kiss. After we broke apart, she whispered to me, “Ready to lie down on the bed?”

I nodded nervously and quickly stripped off my dress, stockings and shoes, leaving me in just my lacy knickers. Feeling stupid, I lay down on my back on the bed, my legs closed and my feet together.

Denise took her time getting undressed, peeling off each layer of clothing like she was unwrapping a present. I couldn’t take my eyes off her as her body was revealed, her small high breasts, pink nipples, the tattoo on her stomach just above her shaved cunt. She had no hair down there at all!

Completely naked, she lay down next to me on the bed, turning on her side to kiss me again. I let my fingers trail down her neck, her stomach, feeling all that softness in my bed next to me. She returned the favour with her lips and tongue, licking and kissing my body. When Carl did that he always seemed in a hurry to get where he wanted to be, but she lingered like it was as important as getting off, like she was enjoying every inch of my skin.

She settled between my legs, nudging them gently apart, and ran her fingers lightly over my lace-covered mound, smiling at the wetness she found there. Pulling my knickers down, she tossed them across the room to where Carl was sitting. He caught them one-handed, wrapped them around his fingers and started stroking himself. Knowing he was enjoying this just made me hotter.

Denise settled her body over mine, both of us naked, the full length of our smooth limbs nestled against each other. We kissed, running our hands over each other, writhing and twining our legs together. The motion brought our groins into contact, and I gasped as I felt the sensation of Denise’s cunt rubbing against mine. She shifted her weight to keep it up, spreading herself with one hand so that our clits could rub together. The friction was delicious, so was the feeling of my breasts pressing into hers, her hard nipples rubbing into my skin. Being with someone so close to me and yet so different was turning me on unbearably, and I gasped and pressed myself against her as I came. I could feel her body shaking too, and we came staring into each other’s eyes.

Carl was breathing loudly in his chair, and just from the sound I could tell he was close to coming too, but Denise wasn’t done yet. She scooted down and began unhurriedly licking the juices of my orgasm from my cunt, cleaning it with long strokes of her tongue. I moaned as the licking became more urgent, concentrating on my clit, swirling around it and strumming repeatedly with her talented tongue. After having to help so many men and give them instructions and faking it, it was amazing having someone who knew just how I wanted to be touched.

Slowly she shifted around, still licking my cunt, until she was upside down, her thighs on either side of my head. I strained upwards to reach her, no longer shy but desperate to do to her what she was doing to me, but she lowered herself unbearably slowly until finally I could reach her with my tongue. Her clit was smaller than mine but stood out clearly, and I lapped hungrily at it, trying to make her feel what I was feeling. Her thighs were starting to shake, and she added two fingers to her tongue on my clit, thrusting into my hot, wet cunt. I wanted to do the same thing to her, and she obligingly lowered her body so that I could penetrate her cunt with my tongue, tasting the sweet juices and the unbelievable heat inside.

We brought each other off to climax after climax, our faces pressed into each other’s cunts and our tongues working frantically. I loved that we could keep going after coming, if you know what I mean!

Eventually, our clits became too sensitive and she rolled off me, collapsing back on to the bed with a groan of satisfaction. Carl had wanked himself to orgasm too and was sitting in his chair with his head thrown back, a look of utter bliss on his face. I knew my birthday present to him had been an amazing success for both of us!

After a while, Denise got up, dressed and left. “Let me know if you ever want to play again,” were her parting words, playful and mischievous as ever.

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